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  1. Hi there! I never lived in Jerusalem, but some of my friends did, so I know that the prices for a room should be about ~2000 NIS. Also, If I were you, I would avoid working with any agents or brokers, and instead, look for places in FB groups. try using the following key words: שותפים דירות השכרה ירושלים Which translates into Roomates Apartments Rent Jerusalem
  2. Itai

    MIT 2020

    Hi, As you know, I'm also an incoming BE student. I think that this is a great idea It is nicer to get to know people before moving to a new place. Hope others will join as well.
  3. Hi, I wish I knew how important the fit to the program is. It would help me to filter the Ph.D. programs better. Also, I regret that I found out about the Gradcafe site so late in the process since I missed great universities, such as Stanford and Caltech, for the simple reason of not knowing about their existence. Anyhow, I got into one of my top choices: MIT. So in the end, everything turned out just fine.
  4. They did acknowledge the acceptance, but in an informal e-mail. Thank you. Indeed it is one of the big ones.
  5. Thank you. The thing is that I have other offers, and I am not sure whether I should wait with the rejections for the last minute.
  6. A while back, I have accepted an offer from a certain university. Due to the COVID-19 situation, I was worried they might take back their offer, so I reached out to the department to check my status. They said that they will send further instructions on the 15th of April and that there is nothing to worry about. However, as an international student, I am not familiar with the process, and I wonder if they can take back the offer?
  7. International student here. -First of all, some of us already have a 10-year VISA, so that's not such a big issue. -Second, I asked about it when the Corona thing started. I have been told that as a first step, international students will participate in online lectures, and any other problems will be solved, hopefully, along the way. -Also, as far as I know, some US borders are still open. If you ask me, the biggest issue that affects all of us, international and domestic, is the economic crisis that might harm our stipends.
  8. I had interviews and, so far, got no response. The interviews went well (at least that what they said), so I guess that they just did not send decisions yet.
  9. I got an offer from Columbia, so I arranged a short visit-day (more like 3 hours). I am going to have a small tour on the campus and meet my potential PI. However, since I am an international student, I got no clue what attire is acceptable (I thought about jeans and a simple shirt?).
  10. Well. I am an international student, and I got accepted to JHU ( Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering).The first year is fully funded although I am not assigned to a specfic lab.
  11. While I understand where your reasoning is coming from, I am not sure how accurate it is. As I see it, it is the other way around. First, the reputation of a lab is less of an issue as you are more likely to conduct significant research during your post-doc stage, which is usually done in a different lab (whether if it is done in the US or not). Second, think of international students as free international advertising for the graduate lab/institute. For example, It is a common practice to present the graduate institute before a talk/presentation/seminar. advertising -> more a
  12. Hey, International as well. There is some kind of difference since sometimes, it is harder to get funds for international students. Don't ask me why. I got no clue. Prof. from Columbia told me this piece of info during an interview.
  13. Hi, I come from a different field (bio-engineering), but if I were you, there are two things I would take into consideration: -First, if you choose to join a new lab, you are going to waste a lot of time on trial and error (basically "building" the lab from scratch). Personally, since Ph.D. lasts only 4-5 years, and since biology-related experiments tend to be more "problematic", I would avoid any option that might waste precious time. -Second, it is not only about how many papers he or she published and where. It is also about recent years' work. I would be very wary of any researcher
  14. Look here: https://imgur.com/a/RpTSD It is a rough estimation of decision timelines (someone posted this link in the Chemical Engineering thread). According to this, Harvard decisions are sent only in Feb.
  15. I'm not 100% sure, but I think that they interview domestic students somewhere in Feb. I had an interview, but the PI contacted me informally...
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