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  1. Hi! I've interviewed and have participated in recruitment this year. I've seen everything from flats, to closed-toe black business casual shoes, chelsea boots, stuff with heels, stuff without... My biggest suggestion is wear something comfortable! You will have a long day and uncomfy feet won't help!
  2. Hi friends, I have two weeks to decide which lab to join. I'm in a neuroscience graduate program and broadly interested in neuron-glia interactions (esp. in development and degeneration). Option 1: New faculty member (~1 year at current institution), Neuroscience dept within a research center known for having a more rigorous environment Research is on a specific type of glia in mice (I have some data from my rotation that would be interesting to follow up on) Currently has 2 post docs, 1 grad student (2nd year), 1 lab manager, and ~4-5 undergrads Great environment,
  3. Hi! During the Neuo interview day they mentioned it's a rolling admissions process, so as people make their decisions they will invite more. I was surprised they offered a revisit day so early, as I imagine most people will make their decisions in the next few weeks up until April 15th which may cause them to admit more later. I wouldn't give up hope! I turned down the offer very quickly because I knew someone else might want to go to the revisit day, other applicants may choose to go to the revisit day and then reject the offer.
  4. Hi Whovian! I'm not in anthropology either, but my experience and knowledge (in biological sciences) tells me that finding a great mentor outweighs the potential prestige of a program. First, grad school is tough and having a great mentor will go a long way. Second, while the name of a program may carry a certain amount of weight your grad school/research output, mentor recommendation, physical/mental well-being carries more. Thirdly, you always have the option of establishing connections/relationships with POIs in prestigious programs without necessarily attending the program. I hop
  5. I have! I received an offer of admission for the Neuroscience program on March 6th.
  6. Hi everyone, I have finally finished interviews and have heard from all programs. I have narrowed my decision down to two programs: University of Virginia or University of Rochester. I just completed a Master's and I realized I would like to return to researching an interest of mine: any and all things glia (encompasses a lot I know). The pros and cons of the institutions are both fairly weighted in my opinion (I won't bore you with the details but if you want to know I can rant hahaha). So, for those of you who are conducting research in neuroscience/glia which institution would you
  7. 😱😱😱😱 awesome! None in Arizona I'm afraid, only discovered them in Hong Kong... Great to know I still have access to them after I move back to the States!
  8. Oh my gosh!!!! So cool!!! I just finished my degree in HK. I'm heading back in the beginning of March! Hope you have a good time 😄
  9. Hi friend, I am not going to ignore the realities of graduate school applications, it's getting increasingly competitive and still unfairly biased towards candidates who can afford admission fees, prep materials, taking time off to do apps/interviews, etc. But I also want to offer you my support. If this is your dream, do not give up! I know that at this point in time it seems as if nothing will get you to where you want to be. Please let me know how I can help, whether it be looking at your application, giving you advice on what to do next, or just listening to your story. I don't want t
  10. Hi everyone!! Thank you all for your suggestions - I was able to survive two interviews in temperatures below freezing. I'm updating this for posterity and to save little fragile desert people like me. Three things helped me: A legit winter coat I bought from Amazon (not Arizona winter coat, an actual winter coat), layers, and thermals. Winter coat I bought was Orolay's thickened down jacket, which after reading reviews seemed pretty legit. It's a bit pricey, but since all my interviews are on the East coast I figured I would end up moving somewhere cold. This thing is magical. It's
  11. Yes that's exactly it!!! Wahoo!! Congrats fellow applicant! Feel free to PM me if you wanna be interview buds~
  12. Hi! Well I guess I was on the waitlist! I received an invitation to skype. When I emailed them back accepting (and also letting them know of my flight plans to the states) they invited me to the in-person interview!
  13. Hi all! I am a domestic applicant currently studying abroad. I have two in-person interviews for programs. When I applied to programs I attached a supplemental cover letter where I mentioned I would be visiting the USA between Feb - March (hinting I would be in the US for interviews). I just officially defended my Master's thesis and my boss approved me to go back to the states for a MONTH (thx boss) for interviews instead of flying back and forth. I applied to 11 programs, only two formal rejections. My question is whether I should email the programs I haven't heard back from to let
  14. I just got an invitation for a Skype interview! Interesting because I thought the interview session ended for U of Rochester.... But happy nonetheless! I am a domestic student currently based abroad.
  15. Damn looks like no interview invite... sad But congrats on the interview! I hope it went well and you get out of the storm safely!
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