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  1. yash13177

    2019 Neuroscience PhD Applicants and Admission Results

    Damn looks like no interview invite... sad But congrats on the interview! I hope it went well and you get out of the storm safely!
  2. yash13177

    2019 Neuroscience PhD Applicants and Admission Results

    Hi everyone! Anyone know if University of Rochester is done sending out invites? I connected with them at SfN and even had a lovely skype with one of the faculty... I was hoping for an interview but no word yet... I see in the results some interviews went out. Anyone got any info?
  3. yash13177

    Tips for a Desert Gal visiting the Cold East

    Thank you so much for your suggestions! Hahahaha oh dear.... I'm glad I am "lucky" this time! I have some just above ankle height black leather looking booties I think I'll wear. I also have some black oxfords but they're quite flimsy and probably wouldn't hold up in the rain...
  4. yash13177

    2019 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    Same here friend... 😞 now standing with two official rejections and two interview offers....
  5. Hi everyone! For my entire life I've lived in pretty warm places, aka no snow and temps never below 55 degrees. I'm visiting a school on the east side of the USA from 1/31 - 2/2. Based on weather.com's monthly estimates, it'll be about a 43 degree high and 25 degree low with RAIN - probably the coldest I've ever had to deal with ever. Any tips with how to survive the interview weekend? The thickest coat I have is just like a black trench coat, looks professional but doesn't provide enough warmth for such a low temperature. I can borrow a coat from my boyfriend put it is quite puffy and not really suitable for interviews. How do I stay warm and also be business casual? I'm counting on lots of layers but I'm guessing wearing a thick coat to interviews is normal? Is there anything that is a must buy? Literally a desert girl who has never had to deal with cold ahahaha!! sorry for such a silly question
  6. yash13177

    2019 Neuroscience PhD Applicants and Admission Results

    Happy 2019! Received an email for Tufts University Neuro (not neuro at JAX) for a possible interview on March 1. Someone in the results said that they were done sending out invites... looks like they're not! Stay positive everyone!
  7. My fingers are crossed for you!!! That's really what I'm worried about is appearing to be in limbo.. especially if I decided to re-apply next cycle...it'll put even more time after my bachelor's degree on top of my master's degree........ Let's stay strong!
  8. I applied to 11 and I've only heard from 2... which cued the anxiety-ridden original post... I've taken @BabyScientist's advice and have tried to relax... but it really is tough!! I have no idea whether I should re-apply or not.
  9. Congrats!!!! So are the invites over? :/ :/
  10. yash13177

    2019 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    Hi @maya123z! So I have a friend there who is a 1st year MD/PhD student. If you want I can put you in touch. I don't know how well he can answer your question but just in case no one here can give you answers feel free to PM me!
  11. @BabyScientist THANK YOU SO MUCH. I have to admit I've been a little gradcafe crazy... seeing everyone get offers and not hearing anything has just made me really anxious thus the post above. I so very much appreciate your reply. For now, I'll try to keep it cool. I'm just worried that I won't be even able to check out the programs I'm interested in because I won't get an interview... time will tell! Thank you so so much!
  12. Some members in the 2019 Neuroscience PhD Applicants and Admission Results forum posted that they got invites from NYU Sackler... Evidently interview dates are Jan 24-25 or Feb 7-8
  13. Alright everyone, I'm hoping that I'm not alone in this but I can't help but be filled with anxiety with waiting. I applied to many top programs, and I know that sometimes it's a roll of the dice as to whether you can get in or not because there's just so many amazing applicants! So far, I've received only 1 formal interview invitation (University of Virginia) and 1 official rejection (UCSF...sob sob). I am guessing that I'm not getting many invites because I didn't reach out to enough professors... Will follow up with programs after receiving formal decisions. Now I'm facing the dreaded question: What if I don't get any other interview invitations? Should I try applying next year? I feel like being a second-time applicant is not favorable, especially since I am applying as a current Master's student. Any advice/fellow freak-outs are welcome! My Background: Undergrad Institution: State University well-known for undergraduate student research (attended 2011 – 2016) Current Institution: Went international to get a Master’s at a University ranked #3 in Asia (2016 - currently attending) Undergrad Major(s): Neurobiology, MCB Undergrad Minor(s): Biochemistry, Music Performance Undergrad GPA in Major: 3.86 (Neuro)/ 3.511 (MCB) Undergrad Overall GPA: 3.622 (Had a rough first semester, luckily my last 2 years are 4.0) Current Major: Life Science Current GPA: 3.767/4.000 (major GPA: 4.167/4.000) Position in Class: Graduated cum laude, current position unknown Type of Student: Domestic White & Asian Female, currently abroad GRE Scores (revised/old version): Q: 160 (76%) V: 158 (80%) W: 5 (93%) B: --- Research Experience: 1) Undergrad lab experience: started in Spring 2013 two labs where I stayed a year each, was looking into getting different types of neuroscience research experience. One was neuroanatomy/neuro-evolution the other was computational neuroscience Most significant undergraduate lab: 2.5 years. Absolutely loved it, mainly dealt with neuron-glia networks and my PIs were just phenomenal! 2) Masters lab experience: started in September 2016 Working on a “high risk high reward” project that is very creative... it is related to mechanisms of Alzheimer’s disease 3) Research output: Undergrad: One paper; authorship: 2nd / 8 SFN poster presentation 2015 Many University level poster presentations Masters SFN poster presentation 2017 Manuscript in preparation Awards/Honors/Recognitions: 1) During undergrad I managed to snag about ~10 research awards/poster winning stuff/travel grants and I was also recognized by my university for outstanding undergrad research 😊 2) Also have grade-based awards (ex deans list) from 2014 – 2016 for undergrad 3) Current awards: I have a research and teaching studentship award as well as received a travel grant for 2017 SFN Pertinent Activities or Jobs: (Such as tutor, TA, SPS officer etc...) 1) A lot of teaching experience: preceptor for 4 neuroscience classes during undergrad and presently a graduate TA for intro bio lab course Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help: 1) Very active in music, both during undergrad and Master’s 2) Professional Development activities: very active in undergrad Student club with longstanding leadership role Nu Rho Psi: active in undergrad chapter with leadership role active in NRP at SFN university research programs that provided funding and neuroscience training bootcamps 3) Outreach activities: again…very busy in undergrad! have some mentions in interviews (news articles/radio shows) about research and/or neuroscience outreach events Summer counselor for a research camp for middle/high school students at a research center (this was between undergrad and masters) 4) Will be attending SFN 2018 (no poster though) so I will definitely take the chance to network/visit posters of potential labs/meet with PIs of potential labs (hopefully)... etc. Special Bonus Points: 1) I will have a Master’s degree! Yay! Obtained this because I was interested in gaining international research experience. 2) My mentors at my undergrad institution and current PI can write me very strong LORs 3) Active attendee to various academic workshops/conferences 4) I have been fortunate to gain very diverse research experience from being active in labs starting from 2013! 5) I have done a lot of networking and my past/current PIs are also well-known and well-connected. Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter: 1) Like I said, first semester of undergrad was rough…ended with a 2.0. Worked hard to turn it around but it still weighs down my cumulative GPA. Good news: I was in an upwards trend from there. 2) I am worried about my GRE score…particularly my Quant is lower than I would like. I know that a student is more than a score and I have a decent amount of research experience but I’m still worried! 3) I am currently abroad which makes me worry about whether schools would be willing to invite me for interviews…I’ll make it clear in my application that interviewing in-person is something I really want…but I’m scared it’ll be a turn-off. Applying to Where: Research interests: neuron-glia interactions, neuro-degeneration But, my goal is to find a really great mentor... not as concerned what type of neuroscience it is... I find most things exciting! 😂 tldr; should I re-apply if I don't get enough interview offers? that would mean asking my current PI for an RA job. that means...5 years UG, 2.5 years for Masters, and 1 year RA before applying in Fall 2019 for Fall 2020
  14. yash13177

    2019 Neuroscience PhD Applicants and Admission Results

    UCSF is done sending out interview invites...??

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