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  1. X'D I've been trying to do this, but they all spark joy T^T I love my books.
  2. Unfortunately I only have experience with France. I went to the post office there and asked them about different ways to send books. They had amazing rates for shipping French books internationally via plane (part of a spreading French around the world thing), but English books were too expensive to send via airmail, so they suggested I send my English books by boat. I packed the books and brought them and they shipped them out. They arrived 4-8 weeks later on the East Coast of the US in pretty good shape.
  3. Hey @Étudiantdefrançais11! Not sure if this is what you're looking for - but I had to choose between an MA and a PhD, both with generous funding. I talked to a couple professors and some peers in the MA program and decided to go straight to the PhD. My personal reasoning was that the PhD offers me more seminar choices and I would be able to get to know the professors I would be working with for my dissertation earlier on. I liked the idea of becoming established sooner than I would if I transferred in with the MA (though I do know people who have done MAs and are now in PhD programs and loved their MAs and love their doctoral programs). Ultimately, since I want to be a professor, the PhD is my goal. I am slightly intimidated since there will be people with MAs as well, but I heard after the first year of the PhD it levels out alright.
  4. I had a 70 minute commute while in high school and a 90 minute commute in undergrad. The reason these commutes were manageable was because I was taking transit and could read/do hw on the buses/trains. Even still, it made going to campus an unpleasant experience. If I had something in the morning and then friends wanted to meet up in the afternoon (or even another class in the afternoon), I couldn't justify going back home and would end up stuck on campus all day. In graduate school, I'm going to be living a 20-minute walk from campus (for the first time since I was in elementary school) and I am so relieved by that. Commuting just eats into your time so much. Especially if you're driving (though audiobooks are a viable option).
  5. I individualized my gifts. I drew the medieval creatures from class for one of my recommenders, got another prof a giant pigeon (it was a class inside joke), and gave another prof a puzzle of the world that was very similar to discussions we had in class. I also gave them each hand-written notes with my non-school email address (in case my undergrad email disappears one day). They seemed to really appreciate the gifts.
  6. I speak English, French, and Cantonese (used to live in Hong Kong and picked it up while there). In the United States I'm always told I should learn Spanish because it's so common here. I think if you are interested in Spanish, and if it comes quickly to you, then go for it. Spanish is very useful and I don't think anyone will look down on you for learning it because it's similar to French. As mentioned above, German is useful for research. I love 20th century German writers and will likely learn the language solely to read their works in the original. Pick one that interests you and which you see yourself using and you should be good to go, regardless of how others might look at the languages you know.
  7. Thank you @hector549! That is excellent to hear! The last time I moved with a lot of books it was international and I sent all my books by boat because the air rates were through the roof. I'm glad it's cheaper with higher weight.
  8. I have a lot of books and I am going to be moving across the country. I was wondering if anyone has advice/experience with moving affordably with a lot of books. I was considering media mail but I'm not sure if that will end up being too expensive with the amount of books I'd like to bring. I'd say I have 200 books I definitely would like to bring with me. (Sorry if there have been previous threads about this, I tried to search and couldn't find anything)
  9. LOiseauRouge

    New York, NY

    @MetaphysicalDrama I used to live in New Jersey and the property taxes are astronomical. My family is from California and we thought we had bad property taxes, but they don't compare to NJ. I did really enjoy where I lived though (in Essex County by a nature reserve). It was only a 30 minute train ride into Manhattan.
  10. In undergrad, I had the poor habit of just not eating while studying or while out. I don't enjoy spending a lot of time on meal prep, but I also do not want to spend much money on food. I've been considering making meals on the weekend and freezing them for the week. What are some ways that you have found to keep the costs down, eat healthy, and not spend too much time making food? Recommendations for good, on-the-go foods are appreciated as well.
  11. I'm guessing NYC would be lgbt+ friendly since it's a city, but I'm more aware of West Coast queer friendly places. Any experiences with NYC? Recommendations?
  12. Not certain if anyone here applied to UCSB's Comp Lit program. I had received results from all my other programs and emailed UCSB to see about the application status and was informed I have been waitlisted. I expected a rejection, as they interview in January and have visiting days in February, but it's good to know in any case.
  13. Congrats on the Yale acceptance, @lime!
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