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  1. Has anyone made any decisions?? Excited to hear your plans
  2. fwiw - I have absolutely no idea if it's the same process at Oxford!
  3. Hiya! Like @ronronpatachon I contacted a potential faculty supervisor at Cambridge fairly early in the application process and then about 2-3 weeks or so after I submitted my application, I was contacted by the Cam equivalent of the DGS for French to set up an interview. The interview was scheduled for 20-30 minutes and it was myself, the DGS, and my potential supervisor. The interview was in English, and they asked a lot of thoughtful questions about my proposed research, past research, and future plans. I'd say the interview was about 75% focused on the prospective research though. Basically
  4. Glad your visit went well! I think in many cases they are waiting to see which students will be offered a department fellowship of some kind (one that would, for example, limit teaching requirements in the first year) or a small 'top up' from various sources. These funding sources can be university-wide funds, which means it can take a bit longer to get it sorted. Once they decide how they will allocate funds, then individual funding information can go out. I would wait to email the DGS until about a week after your virtual visit (I know it will seem like forever!!), thank the DGS for s
  5. Hi all! I have a virtual campus visit coming up, and I will be chatting with a few current grad students and then 3-4 professors. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for the kinds of questions I should be asking? I'm confident in what I'll ask/discuss related to my research and all that, but I don't want to miss an opportunity to get as much info as possible about the program simply because I didn't think to ask! Thanks in advance
  6. Okay I went back and looked - if you scroll through the Fall 2018 French topic, there is a discussion about different programs having classes in French. Sometime around March 2018 is when they started talking about it. I didn't reread the whole thing, but looks like they talked about some classes at Michigan, IU, and others being in English at least some of the time.
  7. I thiiiink this was a discussion in one of the threads from a few years ago (as I out myself as a longtime GC lurker lol), but I can't remember for sure. For whatever reason I feel like some people discussed it and mentioned some schools specifically. I'll have a look and see what I find. Hopefully someone with more experience in state-side schools can also weigh in. I do think that asking around during virtual visits, etc. is a good idea (per @Castor)
  8. FWIW, in the French lit classes at Cambridge, English is spoken as well. Texts/materials are in French, passages and references in French, etc. I thought it was odd at first, but everyone spoke and read confidently in French as needed. I guess the thought is that they are not there to teach you to speak French - it's assumed you will come into the program at the appropriate level speaking-wise. But if you're looking for more opportunities to improve or use spoken French, then it's definitely something to keep in mind about a prospective program.
  9. I think the timeline of everything confuses me with so many different sources of funding at work at once. Suppose you are put forward for Trust funding but also the college to which you've received admission wants to offer a scholarship/studentship, etc. Do you (or anyone) know how that process works?
  10. Just two random thoughts/questions while we're here... 1. Does anyone else think it was strange that they did not interview via zoom/skype, etc. in lieu of in-person interviews? It seems like if people were ever prepared to do interviews online it would be this year 😆 I feel like the interview is a great opportunity that some may have benefited from in a normal year. But who knows - one could easily tank in an interview as well lol. 2. If you are a Gates finalist, should you assume that you were ranked well by your department for the other funding opportunities?
  11. I'm also a finalist! Oddly though I have still not received the official admission from Cambridge. Still sitting on GAO...
  12. Generally, it means that your application is now before your second choice college. Should that college decline to give you a place, then you will be entered into the pool. There is a randomized process/algorithm that then selects 3 random colleges to review your application package. These are supposedly reviewed "in sequence," which I take to mean that Random 1 reviews and if it declines than Random 2, etc. One of those 3 will offer a place. Out of curiosity, did you apply to one of the older colleges or very popular ones, e.g. King's or Trinity?
  13. For those already attending who might be lurking on forum, is it common in the US to contact a potential dissertation supervisor before applying? I'm more familiar with the UK system where you dive straight into the dissertation, so having a supervisor on board is essentially a prerequisite.
  14. @frenchphd Yeah... I'm expecting rough seas ahead, but still here to see what happens (for now). I believe UChicago is also not accepting applicants for Fall 2021. I'm applying to a few UK programs as well, though of course funding is always a snag. To all - those applying for masters or both masters and PhD programs should also feel free to post! I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to change the name of the thread (so far haven't figured it out), so if anyone knows, please tell me
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