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  1. I'm applying to the French Linguistics program at Indiana-Bloomington but that's it for my French programs. Everything else is Second Language Acquisition stuff that will let me focus it on French.
  2. Anyone else wishing we could just know where our life is taking us come Fall 2021 already? Cuz I know I sure do. This waiting game is making me nervous. I'm already obsessively checking my email lol and I know there won't be anything because of the holidays.
  3. I'm sure you'll do great Ivan! Let us know how it goes!!!
  4. Has anyone heard anything about what the admissions pool for linguistics programs are looking like this year? Supposedly psychology programs are up nearly 50% at some schools, but other disciplines are down from previous years.
  5. I am applying to 7 PhD programs and 2 MA programs; all in Applied Linguistics/Second Language Acquisition/Second Language Studies. My mentor said 8-10 when dealing with PhD programs is typically a good number to apply to. Basically for the same reasons stated above. I'm a little nervous because I'm a senior in undergrad still with majors in Linguistics and French and minors in Political Science and English. I have some teaching/tutoring experience for French and ESL and have been a TA for the SLA courses my university offers. I also have research experience which might help. But, a lot of
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