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  1. How are you all preparing for the graduate school move and suc? I finally found housing but am not sure what will be the best way to move 7 hours
  2. kso1634

    Bloomington, IN

    If you have Facebook there is an IU housing group! That's where I was able to find a roommate. She is from Austria and is entering the German studies PhD program. Although I must say we are now having problems figuring out how to find housing. I'm also still waiting on more information from the department regarding the transition to Bloomington and my AI assignment. Looking forward to meeting you this Fall!
  3. kso1634

    Bloomington, IN

    I'm going to be attending in the Fall in the French Linguistics program and have absolutely no idea what areas to go to or avoid, or how to find a potential roommate. Anyone also in this predicament for the fall?
  4. What are people doing about finding living arrangements in Bloomington? I'm not from Indiana (I've only ever driven through the state), and am not quite sure of how to go about moving.
  5. I totally get that! I'm looking at apartments in Bloomington (rather prematurely I might add as they told me they're still working on a funding package when I was offered an admitted student visit). I'm just really excited, but also nervous because of moving and meeting new people and that I won't do as well as I hope to or not meet expectations.
  6. I just had several virtual visit events with IU-Bloomington's French Linguistics program (already accepted), but am still waiting to see on a funding offer. All they keep telling me is that they aren't in a position yet, but that that could certainly change "in the coming days.". Which the DGS said that Monday when they emailed me to set up the virtual visit. I have yet to ask about what's going on with funding, but am getting rather anxious because the more I learn about this school and get to know the faculty and students the more I can see myself calling it home and getting my degree there.
  7. Thank you so much! I just had a virtual visit with one of my POIs and I'm feeling a lot better after it in terms of feeling like my ideas and dreams are even good enough. Still no word on funding, but I've kind of resigned myself to simply having to wait it out.
  8. Is anyone else feeling inadequate throughout this admissions cycle? I applied to PhD programs and kept getting differed to the MA programs (not that there's anything wrong with MAs, funding is just the biggest issue for me). And I get into my dream program and am dependent on other people to accept or decline offers to see if I get funded, which determines if I can go or not. It just kind of sucks and I'm feeling a little hopeless right now.
  9. I'm waiting on a funding offer from the French Linguistics program! As far as I know so are the rest of the admitted students in the cohort. If I get funded that's where I'm going 100%. I was offered a virtual visit and am doing that this week with faculty and current graduate students.
  10. I was accepted to the French Linguistics program at Indiana-Bloomington! Still waiting on the decision regarding funding. Keeping my fingers crossed because if I'm fully funded this is my dream school and I will absolutely be going there.
  11. Anyone have any suggestions for how to interview with a grad program? I received an interview invitation with Indiana-Bloomington for the French Linguistics department.
  12. Just got an interview with Indiana for their French Linguistics program! Wishing you all the best of luck as well
  13. I'm applying to the French Linguistics program at Indiana-Bloomington but that's it for my French programs. Everything else is Second Language Acquisition stuff that will let me focus it on French.
  14. Anyone else wishing we could just know where our life is taking us come Fall 2021 already? Cuz I know I sure do. This waiting game is making me nervous. I'm already obsessively checking my email lol and I know there won't be anything because of the holidays.
  15. I'm sure you'll do great Ivan! Let us know how it goes!!!
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