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  1. Hey! I was in your same situation. I felt defeated after receiving my rejection letter last year and that feeling lingered into this application cycle--so much so that I wanted to give up on linguistics as a whole. I can't offer many words of advice on how to get rid of the feeling but I can share some of the things that I did this application cycle that strengthened my application, more specifically my SOP. I read On Writing Well by William Zinsser. I swear this changed the way I write completely. I had a SOP ready to send but after reading this I reframed the whole thing and got a
  2. Does anyone know if NYU is holding interviews for their fall 2021 MS in communication disorders program?
  3. @IvanC I would definitely try to talk to them about deferring until you have this situation figured out especially since its your top school! Like @paulacole suggested maybe you can complete the credits you need for them to consider your undergrad degree in the gap year. From the outside looking in, I think they might be skeptical of your degree only taking 3 years to complete (in the US you need a certain amount of credits to graduate ~130 or more, and that usually takes 4 years). I would also look into explaining to them why your degree only took 3 years and show them the amount of credits y
  4. Hey @IvanC Im sorry to hear about this. When I was looking into the Linguistics master program at UCM in Madrid they required an "Homologación de títulos extranjeros de educación superior" It essentially translates and equates your degree to a degree in the country in question, in this case it was Spain. I wonder if there is something similar that can be done in the US. Maybe someone at UAM or at the Brazilian Consulate can help you find information to see if it's available to you. I'm shocked they would rescind your offer after getting so far. I'm sorry this happened to you!
  5. I'm in the same ball park as you are in terms of numbers. I have LIU Brooklyn on my list and St. Johns but debating on whether applying to St. John's because their SOP is only 300 words so I cant see that being a defining factor in whether you get in or not--I bet its a numbers game at that program. I have a couple more to apply to. Where did you end up? how are you liking it?
  6. This is great advice! Thank you so much for taking the time to share this!
  7. Hi! I'm applying to SLP programs in the NJ/NY region. Im freaking out because I don't think I have a good chance to get in anywhere. I didn't do so hot in undergrad (my cum. GPA is less than competitive), but I did well in my major (Linguistics), at the same time I was active in research and labs in undergrad. I went back to school to take SLP prereqs and got a 4.0 this semester. I did like ~ok~ on the GRE, but I just took them and some program deadlines have past and the scores aren't in yet. I'm sure I got very positive letters of recs (Im very passionate about language but I tried to d
  8. Hey guys! I've been reading the posts you've submitted. I didn't apply to any programs in Linguistics this year (last year broke my heart) but I wish you all the best. Please keep the thread updated--I would love to know where you end up and read your research in the future! Best of luck!! Jess
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