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  1. I still haven't heard anything. I know SYK has extended at least one offer already.
  2. Recruitment weekend was at the end of January. Though I assume everyone in Texas has more pressing things to deal with than admissions right now!
  3. I was invited to the HDFS recruitment weekend at UT Austin but I haven't heard anything back yet (and it's been 2 and a half weeks). Is anyone else in the same boat?
  4. Hey! I applied to UT Austin too. Feel free to PM me, and good luck!
  5. PhD programs are really competitive! Most of the time the acceptance rates are <10%. It makes sense to try and have as many chances as possible...but it gets expensive FAST.
  6. Since my work is interdisciplinary, I ended up just applying to 1 Linguistics PhD program (University of Utah) and some other social science programs. Since this thread has 3 participants but 900+ views, I'm not sure if that means this year will be more or less competitive lol
  7. Congratulations @IvanC! I just submitted mine as well. @hi7, I'm not sure what you mean by a plan. I've just been working on applications!
  8. I'm applying to cognitive programs, and my main research interests are interdisciplinary: neuropsych, psycholinguistics, and some social psych.
  9. I noticed that there was no general thread-- feel free to post here no matter which subfield/specialization you're planning on applying to! Good luck to everyone with applications, and stay safe out there 😃
  10. Never too early to start, right? Good luck to everyone with applications, and stay safe out there 😃
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