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  1. Hi! I’ll be joining the linguistics PhD program in the fall are there any other incoming UMD students?
  2. hey @AnxiousBeaver this website might be of use to you: http://www.phdstipends.com
  3. Hi! I just committed to earning my Linguistics PhD at University of Maryland 😄
  4. Hey @aae322 🙂 thanks! I’ve actually decided to go to university of Maryland instead, but best of luck! I used to work in the Washington Square Park area. You’re going to love it 🙂
  5. Yeah I hesitated posting it because I didn’t want to come off as ungrateful 😅
  6. Oh thank god I’m not the only one x) like because I worked for so long to get here, it took a while for the news to sink in and now that it has, I’m simultaneous grateful and terrified 😂
  7. For anyone who’s been accepted/committed to a program, has anyone gotten cold feet? Like I feel really nervous not like I won’t do well but just like I’m scared of making the wrong choice
  8. I haven’t received an official funding offer but from asking around, it seems like the possible offers will range from 28k to 30k
  9. @IvanC it took me a while to respond to your situation because I forgot my log in but your situation with school X broke my heart. I’m rooting for you to get into your other options 💙
  10. Hello friends, I’m thinking about going to NYU in the fall for a PhD program. Does anyone know anything about coliving spaces and what they’re like? Also @tallgradstudentand @Sylvanana I’d be interested in scoping out housing too
  11. It is definitely a relief 😅 I got into University of Maryland
  12. I got accepted to a PhD program! I’m gonna be a doctor!
  13. I’m applying to six PhD programs in linguistics with a focus on neurolinguistics. I’ve sent off five so far. One more to go and I’m already losing my marbles waiting for January haha
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