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  1. Hi development folks. I stumbled upon this thread. How did things shake out for folks? I'm in the US at Tufts in the Fall for the Econ/Public Policy PhD program (development track).
  2. Thanks for this tip and for the links! I'm hoping to sign a lease soon. It's so hard to be able to get a jump on good deals without being able to go in person to speak with the realtor or landlord!
  3. Thanks for the feedback, you've got a jump on things! It seems like more listings are starting to come on the market for closer to my projected move-in date, so I wanted to take a couple more weeks to scope it out and see how things are developing before I jump on anything! Quick question--since you went through a realtor, did you end up having to pay a broker fee? I've heard nowadays some landlords will pay the broker fee if there is one, but I don't know how common that is. Since my living situation isn't too complicated (just myself, my partner, and 1 vehicle), I figured I'm gonna try to fi
  4. Anybody moving to the Boston area from elsewhere and searching for housing? When are you looking to move into the area? What kind of timeline are you thinking about for signing a lease (if you're living off campus)? I'm new to the area and looking to move early September (I hear that's when half the town is moves into the area, haha). From my research it looks like maybe late May or June might be the best time to sign a lease? What do you guys think? I've been keeping an eye on apartments.com, hotpads.com, and Zillow rentals.
  5. Update: FYI for anyone who cares, I messaged them on FB and they said the fact that Tufts wasn't listed on the site was just an oversight, they're gonna add it. Tufts students are also eligible to shop at MIT Furniture Exchange (once it reopens).
  6. I checked out their site. I saw they list MIT, Harvard, BU and Suffolk students as being eligible to shop there with student ID but don't list Tufts (crying face). I'm going to Tufts in the Fall so I sent a message crossing my fingers they might be open to Tufts students shopping there in the future.
  7. I highly recommend working first. It doesn't make sense to saddle yourself with debt if you don't have a clear idea of your future plans. Working can help you figure it out and be more financially beneficial to you in the interrim. Who knows? You may change your mind about grad school altogether, which is fine, too.
  8. Could you explain this? Just for my general curiosity. How do interdisciplinary departments save money? Do universities form interdisciplinary studies departments as an alternative to having stand-alone departments?
  9. I 100% agree with this. The best way to find a job that interests you is to do a lot of online research and follow up with informational interviews with people who do work that sounds interesting to you. (LinkedIn can be a great place to find people if you don't have any personal/professional connections to help you out with this.) Interviews can help you figure out what the day-to-day grind is like on different jobs and find out what it takes to get a job in that field. Take a look at what degrees those folks have to get an idea of what the standard is in the field. You'll get much better inf
  10. Second this. Maybe someone in the field of sociology could confirm (I'm more an econ person), but it seems like what you want to study might fit in some sociology departments. It may be worth checking out some sociology departments to see if there are researchers working in areas that are relevant to your interests.
  11. Brushing up on linear algebra, going to look up some (i.e., Coursera/EdX) to learn a bit of Python (for data analysis purposes). Maybe brush up on STATA. Been using R and LaTeX recently on a small paper I'm working on, just trying to sharpen up for going back to school.
  12. Maybe try one of the "Am I Competitive?" threads under the forum for the academic field in which you're interested (i.e., Psychology forum). Also FWIW I'm 31 and beginning a PhD program in the Fall.
  13. For econ master's you can sometimes get funding, but full funding isn't common. Fully funded public policy master's (i.e., terminal degrees), however, are out there, but there still exist very expensive public policy programs that don't offer funding and people still choose to enroll in those for whatever reason.
  14. My current partner and I started dating in 2016 and didn't really get serious about the relationship until JUUUUUUUST before I moved overseas in 2017 for my current job (my current job moves me around a lot). We went into the situation with zero expectations and kind of took things one step at a time trying out the long distance thing. We were constantly very open about where we were at in the relationship and how we felt, and we didn't put pressure on ourselves that this has to work out. If either of us wanted out, the rules are you can walk away, just be honest/open about it. In the end it w
  15. Running, hiking, reading, listening to music (R&B!!!).
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