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  1. A few years ago my boss was waitlisted and then offered a spot at the program she attended
  2. So, alas, I'm starting to think I won't get accepted this cycle, as 4/7 schools I applied to reached out to individuals already for interviews. For those that have interview offers, can you tell me VERY vaguely (i.e. You definitely don't need to say "I worked with ______ for three years at _____") about your work experiences, match with faculty, etc.? I'm asking because I graduated with a fairly high GPA, have two years of research experience, two years of clinical experience, one year of teaching experience, a published paper, I was president of a mental health organization at my college
  3. Wayne State’s deadline for interview invites was today- has anyone heard from them?
  4. It wasn't for graduate programs, but I had a job involving reviewing applications for a prestigious research program- check the websites of the schools that you are applying to. If they have specific cutoffs, they will probably have a process such as the one you presented. If the program suggests reviewing applications "holistically" then it is more likely that they use some sort of weighted ranking system and scoring each section rather than specifically putting an application in a pile in relation to a GRE score. When I reviewed applications, I wasn't interested in individuals that had
  5. I recently started ax throwing as a hobby. It's very cathartic- there's ax throwing bars in most major cities. You can either play point games with friends or compete in a league
  6. This is the first round for me too, but I feel like it's too early to start feeling discouraged. Being worried is perfectly valid- but you have to take into account that if professors didn't take the full semester break off (and most do, as do administrative offices- I used to work in one) then they definitely haven't worked a five day work week in, what, three weeks? Even with interview dates right around the corner, I wouldn't be surprised if some invites are given even just a week notice (if that). Any SO many schools still haven't sent out any invites. I applied to ten programs and it look
  7. Hi there!! Lucky for you, Brandeis is JUST outside of Boston enough that the housing/cost of living in the area are conveniently cheaper. A "good" deal in Boston is probably paying about 900 or 1000 a month individually for a shared space- but in Waltham that gets knocked down maybe to 750? Beautiful campus, and Boston is wonderful!
  8. I GREATLY appreciate the cookie recipes. Thank you!!
  9. Hi all! My due dates were all last weekend and like the most of us here I'm feeling antsy!! I'm trying to strike a balance between catching up on personal things I need to get done (finally cleaning, spending more time with friends, actually cooking rather than eating frozen dinners, etc.) and preparing for - hopefully - interviews. What are you doing in this limbo period? Are you prepping or trying to avoid your email? Any tips on what to start doing right now (I feel like interviews come up SO FAST and I want to prepare while I have time!!)
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