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  1. I'm sorry to hear that 😕 but thank you! I appreciate it.
  2. Probably like most others, I've been advised to prepare an elevator pitch about my research. I'm curious to hear how others have prepared their pitches for interviews. For instance, should I mention my primary research questions within the elevator pitch or should I wait for a follow-up question? Should I mention what primary scholarship I'll be working with and through now or (again) wait for a relevant question? Any thoughts/input would be helpful!
  3. Ah okay. Congrats to that person. Hopefully that means more decisions will roll in this week.
  4. did you get an interview with UPenn? If so, I wouldn't count them out just yet! I haven't seen anyone post an acceptance yet I didn't get an interview so I'm banking on a rejection from UPenn
  5. congrats! and I'm assuming the same thing 😕 I applied to Harvard and phone calls *should* have gone out today (based on previous years). oh well
  6. lmao yea I'm so surprised that they haven't contacted any of the accepted students yet. clearly they know who was accepted since there is now a waitlist, they just want to torture everyone else (and me too! since I'm waiting hopefully for people to turn down their offers).
  7. After reading through all 23 pages, I think I've managed to compile the most salient (at least for me) and still relevant pieces of advice as far as grad school supplies Laptop - While most people have a laptop, it was recommended by several people that folks in a new laptop (unless yours is less than two years old) and make sure you get an extended warranty (one that will hopefully last the entirety of your program). Note: look into funding opportunities for laptops within your department. Some will finance a new laptop for incoming grad students! Desk - L-shaped came highly re
  8. Congrats on the acceptance and interview! That is helpful, thank you. I went looking through the results for UPenn and someone noted that they interview everyone who is admitted. So I guess that's an implied rejection. Oh well.
  9. perhaps not 😑 people are using the results page to ask questions, it's getting confusing lol
  10. It looks like Harvard decisions from more humanities departments are starting to roll in. Fingers crossed that means decisions this week for most disciplines
  11. agreed. its been all over the place. a phone call feb 16 here, an email in mar 4 there. but I'm still eyeing this friday as like the big day for decisions. and if i on't hear by then, i'm going to assume rejections or waitlists.
  12. nice! i'm waiting to hear back from a few of those as well. I saw there was a UPenn interview up. Do you think UPenn is interviewing everyone they are considering, or could they be reserving interviews for folks they're kind of unsure about? I'm basically trying to decide if I should give up hope or not haha
  13. Thank you so much for this! I just thought that being waitlisted meant you sat on your ass and waited...apparently not! Question #1: is it unreasonable for me to ask if the waitlist is ranked? and if so, can i ask where i am within that list? I don't want to get my hopes up if I'm like 4th or 5th in line. Question #2: lets say there are rumors floating around that there will be a new hire within the school (that perfectly matches my research interests and is the ONLY one in that field within the department) I'm applying to. would it be just out of pocket for me to include the fact
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