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  1. Finally accepted to University of New Mexico! Lol
  2. Anyone else headed to ASU?
  3. I thought I was the oldest (or second oldest maybe?) on here. I'm looking at apartments now to move down in July. Both of my kids will start college here in MO, so that makes it hard, but ASU offered me moving expenses to get moved out there, so that part's amazing
  4. I'm turning UMKC down (with full funding and a stipend), so maybe they'll come through for you!
  5. Hahaha. Skip the BBQ. Go to Southwest Blvd and eat Mexican food!
  6. The loan is a lot less strict than grants and scholarships. You can use it on just about anything you want. They only really care that it gets paid back. Also, as a grad student, you shouldn't have to purchase a meal plan. It's probably cheaper (and healthier, and tastier) to prepare your own food at home.
  7. Nope. No communication from UNM.
  8. Did you receive a funding offer from UMKC? They emailed me about a TAship today, but I will still be turning them down for ASU
  9. I'm not sure it's "writer-ish," but my job is definitely "reader-ish." I've been working at a library for almost two years. I absolutely love it there. The environment is great. I'm surrounded by people who read (and by books to read... I literally have 74 books checked out at this very moment!), and they are amazingly flexible with my schedule. I'm still in undergrad though, so my response doesn't technically answer your question. Lol
  10. Libraries are beautiful, amazing organizations that allow you to take books home with you for FREE! And often, they have a process for patrons to request books that are not yet in their system. I regularly request poetry books for my library to purchase, and my requests are almost always approved.
  11. See if you can find something here https://www.awpwriter.org/community_calendar/writing_group_overview
  12. This is the way I'd look at this: With regard to the fully funded programs to which you've been accepted, the fact that you spent the time and money applying to them in the first place indicates that the programs have at least some attractive (to you) features. If you like the program, the faculty, the location, etc (I'm hoping you wouldn't have applied otherwise), and they're offering you adequate financial support, I'd say go for it.
  13. Oh heck. I'm sorry, I was unclear. I think it's an excellent idea to form an online workshop/critique group! I was just suggesting a different format, perhaps via email or a shareable Google Doc rather than posted publicly within this forum.
  14. The publication process is very different from the application process. Writing samples can include previously published works, as they are meant to be representative of your writing skill and style. Adcoms will not be publishing anyone's writing samples. However, most journals and contests require submissions to consist solely of unpublished work. I think it has something to do with copyrights as well as exclusivity. For example, if ten poets have the same ten poems published in five different journals, why would someone bother reading (and paying for) more than one?
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