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  1. Received my first rejection today. Stings, even after a couple of acceptances. Sad face.
  2. I have a phone interview next week for a promotion at one of my jobs. I know I may or may not be moving out of state, but I'm not telling them that. It may sound unprofessional or inconsiderate, but I have to provide for my family and plan for my future. If I can improve my situation by making more money between now and August, that's what I have to do. Also, this job will help support me if I end up staying here. Just my two cents.
  3. It's been like this. I made my way through most of a housing application before I decided to wait to spend the $50 until I find out if I'm actually in.
  4. Congrats!! That's awesome!
  6. And the McNair Scholars Program. I only paid two application fees. I wish fewer schools required official transcripts for application purposes though.
  7. While we're on the subject of rankings etc, would anyone be interested in sharing how they evaluated each program as a good (or not so good) fit to decide where to apply? This might help those who are considering applying next year. It could also just be interesting to see how others' brains work. I first narrowed by funding (fully funded only), then location (I am not, for any school, willing to live further north than I do now; I absolutely hate winter), then faculty. Then I checked out every book I could find at my library and through interlibrary loan that's been written by the poetr
  8. Ooooh! Very nice! Probably too professional for me though. I'm looking more along the lines of this Under Armour one.
  9. cecsav

    Tempe, AZ

    Hello out there. Looks like this thread has been abandoned for a couple of years, but ASU is on the top of my list right now, so I wanted to see if anyone could help me revive the conversation. I'll be moving to Tempe from the Midwest, but I love the heat. (It is my goal in life to never experience another Missouri winter.) I'm a nontraditional student and have no interest in partying or clubbing. I will be bringing a vehicle but prefer to walk/bike to class if possible. The $720 parking permit mentioned above is frightening--does anyone know anything about that? Roommates are okay if ne
  10. I'm just making a list at this point. I want SO MANY things! But I'll most likely be moving out of state, and I figure it'll be easier to make most purchases after I move instead of having more to pack.
  11. HA! More Shrek is always a good thing!!
  12. I just received a notification from UNM that they've received my FAFSA but can't do anything with it "until the admission process is complete." I'm like, yeah, well, WHOSE FAULT IS THAT!?!?!?!? Accept me or don't already!
  13. Just received an email from University of Alabama letting me know I've been waitlisted.
  14. Do schools ever just leave applicants wondering without a definitive rejection? I compulsively check my portals and my spam folder, but there are many many schools from whom I've heard nothing. I've still yet to receive news from FSU and U of AL, though both have had results posted weeks ago.
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