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  1. I also had been considering Hollins, but laughed out loud at the stipend. It's nice to offer some funding, but for that you'll have to take out loans, which I am totally unwilling to do for an MFA.
  2. After getting rejected this year I was finally able to put MFAs out of my mind. I didn't feel at all motivated for this next application cycle, even though I explicitly had the intentions of applying again. Well, now I'm finally sucked back into thinking about it every day.
  3. Hey, thanks for starting a new thread, Kate! Oof, here we go again...
  4. Been absent as of late because I felt my turn was over, but now that I've finally gotten my Iowa rejection in the mail, I can officially say that it's rejections across the board this year. On to the next!
  5. Hello! Don't worry, I still monitor occasionally and from afar.
  6. They emailed all the acceptances and waitlists. I haven't gotten a rejection yet, but they said they reached out to everybody that's in.
  7. I've been called the Shakespeare of my generation, so this is correct.
  8. Seven rejections this year, and now it's time to prepare for the next cycle. I'm definitely a little frustrated, but not nearly as much as I thought I would be with all rejections. Going to triple my number of applications for next cycle, and hopefully have a much stronger sample on hand.
  9. The support at Alabama sounds great, but give me that Arizona sun and nature every time.
  10. Guess that's a nope for me, too. Which means my application season is toast.
  11. I appreciate the defense, but I'm not really bothered. I knew going in there was a chance I wouldn't get in, and so far I haven't, pending UW's decision. Assuming I don't get into UW, I only be 20 percent of the way toward matching Marshall's resume of rejection. Besides, I grew up in a competitive, athletic atmosphere, so I've dished out plenty of shit talk, and I can certainly take it back, especially when it's coming from a five-year reject who hasn't accomplished any more than I have. And that's as much attention as I need to give ole Gertie for now.
  12. Congrats! Last year I noticed there were some people who were accepted and said they were turning it down. So, you never know!
  13. You best quote me on it. Can't wait for next season, bud.
  14. I'm not feeling too bad about it, actually. The only part that sucks is all the waiting again, but I feel inspired and ready for more of this next year. I've learned a lot, and I already see a lot in my writing right now that's better than when I applied this round. I think we've got this next year!
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