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  1. Hi team! Started a forum for the next application cycle here ♥️
  2. Sending hugs! Such a wonderful process no matter what -- meeting new artists, and adding structure and deadline to my writing process. Definitely plan to re-apply in next cycle if it is not in the cards this year 🤗
  3. Rejection came through on Friday. Need to update my signature 🙃
  4. Straight rejections thus far Waiting to hear back from final three fiction programs! University of Iowa, UC Riverside, Boston University ❤️
  5. For those of us who plan to apply for a Creative Writing MFA in 2021 (start date 2022)
  6. I just looked on Draft -- it looks like someone from Fiction found out they were on the waitlist last week.
  7. I'm so glad you emailed to ask! Still waiting on an update (fiction applicant)
  8. The shrimp thing is great 🤩 and the person seems very genuine - I believe they are just having their work noticed by great programs! I do not think they are trolling.
  9. Thank you so much for this post! 🥰
  10. I don't see that on my profile! 🤣
  11. On the U Mich rejection train too. Sad! But will definitely reapply to U Mich if this cycle doesn't workout for me.
  12. I feel giddy. Nauseated. Excited. Horrified.
  13. +1 Love this! Love that Michener offers fiction/screenwriting focus. That is also how I would split my time. Also @spacedumpsterwant to hear more about your animated series. Sounds like a fun project!
  14. Actively writing! Continuing to work on my novel, and playing with some short stories -- would love to focus on literary magazine submissions over the months to come! Onward and upward, right?
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