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  1. Oh my, based on their profile, I think I like this person a lot! I don't get the shrimp thing either though. Crab is better.
  2. Cornell rejection just dropped. πŸ€•
  3. House plants are life itself though! There can never be enough.
  4. Same! Rejection email, woo. Finally feel like I can join the club in having answers now, haha 😨. My backup plan is to teach English abroad, shooting for Japan, South Korea, or Hong Kong.
  5. πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³ Hell yes you did it!
  6. Eeek I am only just feeling comfortable at 23C and below, haha. I grew up in Virginia though and can say it gets pretty humid, swampy, and sweltering there. Charlottesville may get somewhat cool in the winter, but the state overall is pretty temperate. Definitely not like the frigidity of New York!
  7. Yeah that is a common assumption about it. Certainly people use it that way, but in my experience and view more people use it as a psychological tool. If you are stuck on an issue in life you can pull a spread and apply each archetype to your situation and analyze it. It helps you tangibly connect ideas that are not connected in your mind. It can produce some really creative thoughts and solutions to problems. Like anything else, it is a tool that can be used to help or exploit.
  8. Tarot is great for creative writing since it is all based on archetypes. Need a conflict? Pull a card and see what it inspires based on its archetypal meaning and symbolism. Need some character development? Pull a card and see how you can incorporate its meaning into that character's motivations or history. It fosters thoughts you would not otherwise come to on your own.
  9. Don't put yourself down! We have heard of a few alleged acceptances, but those in no way correlate to every school rejecting you, not even close! We are so early in the season and universities are sluggish places. We still got acceptances, wait lists, and then maybe some rejections ahead. Nothing is set in stone yet! ☺️
  10. I have it too. Maybe we all got in! πŸ˜†πŸ˜œ
  11. I take the spiritual path and tell myself that those doors closed because they were not the right doors. Those rejections are simply guiding me down the correct hallway and to the correct door. I may not see it yet, but it will be there, ready and waiting for me... And I drink, a lot. I recommend a good Malbec or Bordeaux. πŸ˜†
  12. Same! I am a history major so I submitted some analytical papers on Latin American history and focused on talking about my interests in Latin American history in my SoP. Hope it hits some multifaceted, multicultural boxes. Your analytical paper sounds awesome by the way!
  13. Whew do I feel this! I have been pulling a card every day from my Rider-Waite-Smith and reflecting on it. Lots of pentacles and swords, i.e. manifestation and choice!
  14. I watched all of these! I found them to be really great, if not a little encouraging. A lot of it is the generic 'we just like your writing' sort of advice, but even still, worth a watch pre or post application. It gives a feel of the environment and community there. And makes Iowa all the more alluring 😭
  15. Of course Iowa, haha. But I am really interested in Boston Uni, Michigan, and Cornell. Mostly because I have lived in the Southern US forever and I want to be cold!
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