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  1. People - 1. don’t feed the troll. 2. Where 👏 is 👏 IOWA.
  2. Hard to know if that “within the week” still holds 🤔
  3. So... Word on the street was Iowa was supposed to make their calls “within the week” last week, and I’m seeing only one poetry acceptance out of 25. Do we think Iowa will be calling accepted poets today?
  4. Hey - I saw your other posts. This is the Creative Writing board - you're probably in the wrong spot to ask this question If you're also working on poem though, let me know. I love a good science crossover...
  5. Especially form rejections.
  6. Typically the FB draft group will have a lot of people posting about rejections when mass rejections go out, and no one’s mentioned a Brown rejection there. It seems like a huge number of poets apply there. Seems suspect.
  7. So... do those Brown rejections belong to anyone or are they just bogus troll droppings? ETA: RE: 3 Brown rejections (poetry) that all appeared at the same time on the results page lookin’ a lil sus.
  8. Syracuse. ETA: Still holding out hope that I’ll get the call and waiting to hear from Iowa.
  9. I want to go there so badly, and there’s nothing I can really to change what will happen, and it feels like I might miss it but so little. Ughhh. I’ll try to stay positive. (I am happy with the options I have as well and very grateful!)
  10. Anyone waitlisted at their dream program and imploding? So much initial joy now so much MORE anxiety. *screams silently*
  11. I actually just saw a legitimate IWW response on the draft page from a legitimate poet.
  12. I think sometimes people think it’s funny to put false results there, but it’s something to watch anyway.
  13. Results page is showing a call went out today for poetry...
  14. Yes - I don’t plan on holding on to 5 acceptances or something wild. I plan on holding my top 2 or 3 and while I wait for the dust to settle. I have real reasons and interest in the programs I’m holding onto - not just for funsies. I think there’s a good balance to be had here between strategy and courtesy.
  15. Oh. Yes. You may now panic.
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