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  1. Hey all! I'm an MFA student who haunts these forums because I remember what it was like to be waiting to hear back from programs. I have a few things to say to applicants if you're willing to listen. 1) Only apply to funded programs. I know it's old advice, but it's still good advice. Even funded programs that are "lower" tier are still better than the best unfunded program. Consider that Columbia costs around 150k, comparable to medical school, and that even doctors have a hard time paying off their loans. So please don't think you'll be paying it off with writing. Only go to a non-fun
  2. So I just got an email from the head of my MFA department (it seems by accident) that indicates the school is accepting the same amount of students as it always has--12 students, 6 in prose and 6 in poetry. My school is fully funded, though summer funding that was once guaranteed now hangs in the air a bit. I hope this helps alleviate some fears!
  3. Just thought of this forum after being on it a lot last year. Good luck to everyone here! I'm in a fully-funded MFA right now and it's been a really positive experience. I had applied in 2017 and was rejected (only applied to 3 top tier programs) and applied to 13 in 2020 and was accepted. The most important thing is to keep writing, and also to take care of yourself. It is a very stressful time, and the less time you can worry about things that are out of your control, the better. Make sure your writing sample is tight (think Raymond Carver: edit until you take out a comma and on your next ed
  4. So there’s one person ahead of me on the waitlist at the school I really want to get into (Miami). I really hope they got into a program they wanted even more and turn down the offer. Good luck to all of you on waitlists!
  5. Same y’all. I’ve been rejected everywhere so far except Miami Ohio, where I was waitlisted. Still waiting on a few schools, but I’m really just hoping I get off that waitlist.
  6. Lol! Came to post the same thing.
  7. Has anyone been accepted for fiction at Miami Ohio?
  8. Definitely “Game” (a more serious one), “The School”, and “The Balloon”!!
  9. My productivity has been a little low as well. I just started doing workshops with my high school creative writing class though, which has been really fun! We also read some cool stuff last week—“Library of Babel” by Borges and “Game” by Barthelme. Fun stuff to keep me motivated!
  10. Congratulations!! Well deserved!!!!
  11. Checked it just now. No word yet. I'm assuming they called those accepted today and will email the rest soon. Today was a bloodbath haha. Stay strong everyone!
  12. I was really lucky to have a professor help me with it.
  13. Yeah they’re super early! Thanks for the condolences, but that rejection I completely expected. My applications got much better after the Dec 1 round.
  14. Rejected at Austin (NWP). It was my first (and worst) application. Half-baked letter of intent, stories I later revised and edited. Congratulations to those accepted!! 0a/1r/1w/11p
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