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  1. Accepted at the New School for CNF! Via e-mail to check my portal.
  2. CNF University of New Hampshire acceptance on Draft.
  3. According to Draft, Deborah Landau is calling people this afternoon with NYU acceptances for poetry.
  4. I have one as well. Not sure if it is new, though.
  5. I am in Manhattan now, but moving to Brooklyn this summer.
  6. Hooray! So happy for you! Hope our paths cross should you move to NYC!
  7. Congratulations! It's an underrated program, small cohort (10-12 students every year) and offers 1/2 tuition to every student.
  8. Congratulations! They are lucky to have someone as talented as you.
  9. The Maris Review is one of two podcasts I regularly listen to. The host is the funniest person on Twitter, and is responsible for Slaughterhouse 90210, the genius Tumblr that matched TV & movie stills with literary quotes (and spawned a book). The other podcast I love is BOMB's FUSE (which hasn't been updated since June), where artists/authors/musicians interview each other. The first, featuring authors Mira Jacob and Scott Cheshire, is a great place to start.
  10. I'm also an applicant to NYU & Columbia (and other NYC schools The New School, Hunter, CCNY, and The Writers' Foundry at St. Joseph's University). Good luck!
  11. I read Matthew Salesses' new book, Craft in the Real World: Rethinking Fiction Writing and Workshopping, and found it thought-provoking on many levels. I'd recommend it to any writer, regardless of genre, as well as teachers of writing.
  12. It is! All the Cornell Labs live cams are worth watching!
  13. Speaking of birdwatching these days, I have an essay on virtual birdwatching (with my cat) at McSweeney's. Blame them for the title, it was originally just "Virtual Birdwatching."
  14. If you are looking for more flash stories, I have an original flash fiction series on my website, Flash Dancers: Ekphrastic Singles, stories inspired by songs, curated by the author Meg Pokrass.
  15. I've lived in NYC since 2011. The literary community is the big draw for me, I have hosted three reading series and the people have been so welcoming. You will fit in!
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