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  1. Will a video of the panel be posted online for those unable to attend?
  2. Northwestern's program is also a dual MFA+MA.
  3. I can't help with where the schools you listed fall, but two schools I'm surprised don't come up more given that they're fully funded and have (at least in poetry) well-known people are North Carolina State University and Purdue.
  4. Yeah, those are two exciting programs. Being able to work with Natalie Diaz and Solmaz Sharif sounds like a dream, but Alabama giving support for four years is fantastic, and would give more time to work. This isn't helpful at all to you!, but that's just to say that those are two great programs, and I'm sure either choice will be fantastic.
  5. I also get these Chinese language phone calls, and they use number spoofing so that even after I block them, they just call from a different number. A few weeks ago, I got a call from a Syracuse area code, and my heart truly skipped a beat, and then I remembered that I didn't apply to Syracuse. (The acceptance call I did get was from a different state than the school is in; presumably, it was the cell phone of the professor who called me.)
  6. I'll be sad about Brown with you. 🥺 I do want to emphasize your point about a program not being the place for you. Obviously, I'd love to have been accepted into Brown (and part of what stings about a rejection is that in writing your SOP and looking up all these places, you sort of fantasize about attending the school and living in whatever city), but I can also honestly say that having read the work of their poetry faculty, the poetry I've written and the themes I've been interested in and their more theoretical, academic poetry don't particularly overlap. It's hard not to take the reje
  7. Hm, still nothing. This is the error: "It may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it to this location." It's possible that the forum doesn't actually allow people to share attachments? You might need to upload it to something like Dropbox or Google Drive.
  8. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like I'm able to view the attachment -- GradCafe says I don't have permission or that the file is unavailable.
  9. There oughta be a law.
  10. I assume it's the little envelope icon in the top right hand corner? https://forum.thegradcafe.com/messenger/
  11. I think you might be on the ApplyTexas site. You want to look at your MyStatus page: https://admissions.utexas.edu/mystatus
  12. Congrats! The program seems great, and we love a win.
  13. I'm assuming that Brown and UW are finished with their poetry acceptances, so I've been eagerly awaiting hearing from Purdue, after which point I'll be more or less done. I'm really hoping they send out decisions soon -- all this late notifying isn't good for my health.
  14. Going off previous years, it does seem like Michener's portal notifies people based on their last name, so people whose last names start with A get their portals updated first, and so on. It looks like the last name Ydrl has on their application and my last name both start with the same letter (F), so it's also possible the portal updates are still rolling out, especially given that there isn't an email notification for anyone yet.
  15. Fingers crossed for you, but the rejections weren't emailed out; they only changed the status on people's applicant portals.
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