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  1. Hi. I emailed them April 2 and this was their reply: "Thank you for your inquiry, There have been some offers made but I don't have any additional news on where the rest of the applications are in the admissions process. I know our director wanted to have news out to everyone through the grad portal by April 1, but it doesn't look like this is going to be possible. In a typical year, we would have updated the status for all the applicants but the pandemic caused some unforeseen obstacles. Thank you for your patience during this very anxious time. The committee is working on getting update
  2. Hi. I messaged the DGS in Ohio three weeks ago and found out I was rejected. I got in to UL Lafayette with a fellowship. They emailed me last week. Hope that helps! Fingers crossed for you
  3. I'm not sure age is actually a factor since AFAIR there wasn't any form I filled out with my birthdate (or I might have forgotten since putting together applications is a trauma of its own), but I am 40 and got into some programs. Granted they're for PhDs but 40 is still above the average age to get into grad school so who knows.
  4. For PhD applicants: I officially declined Georgia State, Southern Miss, UT Dallas, and Binghamton this week. Will most probably let go of Houston, too. I hope that creates movement for someone! 🤗
  5. 😭 Thank you. I celebrate the win but imposter syndrome is real. I wish you all the best!! I pray for good news for you (and everyone here), too. If it doesn't work out this round, please, please try again. I am a non-traditional applicant who finished my undergrad at 31, MA at 38, and now starting a PhD at 40 (!). Last year, I only got in to 1/5 programs, with no funding. This year, I had six offers (four of which were funded), one of which was my dream school. We really do get better at this as we go haha. 😝
  6. I'd definitely follow up. That's what I did for programs I was waiting to hear from and all of them replied albeit a week or two late
  7. OMG in at UC San Diego for Lit this late! I think I got in after @Lighthouse Lana declined their offer. Didn't even know I was waitlisted. I guess this is to say, don't lose hope yet if you haven't heard from your programs! Still thinking if I'll accept the offer. It is fully funded (and for an international student, that's big) but my heart is in CW and I"m waiting for Houston to get me funding haha. But the acceptance to a UC is huge for me, after trying for two years and applying to nine (yep, nine) different UCs!
  8. Hi. I think I got in after you turned them down, so... thanks? Haha. Wonder though if UCSD is that school you did not get good feedback from (from the decisions thread). Feel free to DM if too sensitive
  9. Hi all, Thought of creating a thread similar to the one at Lit. Post your acceptances and waitlists here, as well as programs you've turned down (or plan to), so we can see some movement and get a sense of where we'll be in the fall. I'll start: Accepted at USM, Georgia State, UT Dallas. I've already turned down a funded offer from Georgia State since it was too low for living in Atlanta. Rejected by Ohio University. Waiting on FSU, UNLV, and ULL. ULL seems to indicate an acceptance but they are waiting to communicate because of funding decisions. Waitlisted: Houston (my dr
  10. My portal still says Your application is currently under review and you will be notified via e-mail when a decision has been released.
  11. I see some movement already but I have zero reactions from them, lol (Houston and FSU). The dream is UNLV that only accepts ONE PhD poetry applicant. I'm so excited for the season to be over haha
  12. Same. Waiting on Houston, Florida State, and UNLV
  13. So it's been a while because our semester has started and been busy with teaching, but wanted to share that I've been accepted to two programs! One for the same school last year, only with full funding and teaching assistantship, and the other USM (no word on funding). I've seen PhD acceptances to FSU, UT Dallas, and Houston, so those are most probably rejections at this point. Waiting on UNLV (I've seen an MFA acceptance but not PhD), Georgia State, Ohio University, and Louisiana Lafayette. I am close to accepting my funded offer but need closure for the other schools. Has anyone heard from t
  14. Thanks for the reply. Yeah, somehow I knew this and shouldn't really have pursued UCs. When I saw that five-year statistic of the whole arts and humanities across all UCs having only one graduate student from my country after I applied, I knew I had no chance. Anyhoo, I will keep optimistic and hope for a better chance elsewhere. Wishing everyone some good news this week! Let's manifest/law of attraction (lol) those acceptance letters! 😄
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