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  1. I find this thread very interesting. A little insight from a (much) older PhD student... I got my MA back in 2009. My colleagues who went on to complete their PhDs in 2015 all landed jobs at excellent (top-tier) universities, because we went to an top-tier university. (Many of you probably already know this but, historically, you educate up to work down. Those who get PhDs at Ivy League schools have the largest application pool, from the Ivies to really excellent liberal arts colleges or state schools, all the way down the rankings. Those who get PhDs at great state schools will have to
  2. Thank you so much for weighing in. I really appreciate your willingness to share your personal experience. My husband is in-process with the job. The hiring process takes about a year and a half. So, it is not a done deal yet and wouldn't be official until after he returns from deployment anyway. My funding at Davis is TA/teaching-dependent so, while I can apply for/take a total of a year (maybe two) of fellowship outside of that, I really have to be on-site. I could, theoretically, finish a bit faster since I already have my MA, but we are still looking at 4-5 years, if I bust my hump.
  3. I am having a hard time deciding as well; not between programs (I only got into one) but, rather, whether I take the offer I got this year or wait until next cycle and reapply. There are a variety of complicating factors to our situation that were not in play when I applied. I literally don't know what to do... Here's my situation: I am older (36), with a spouse and two kids (6 and 3). I got into a funded six year program at UCDavis, which is only a few hours from my extended family, which is great. It does require relocation, but not so very far from where we are now. All good stuff.
  4. Anyone have any insight on the whole secret waitlist thing? I applied to one PhD program in Lit and have heard nothing, but I know they have already sent out both rejections and acceptances. I reached out once and was told I should hear in late March but everyone else heard in early February. Not sure what exactly that means, but it has been suggested that maybe I'm on an unofficial waitlist. Are any of you aware of or familiar with this process? Thanks!
  5. Slavist here. I am not aware of any Slavic programs in the US that are not Russian Lit-oriented/based. You can absolutely go well beyond Russian, but that is always the primary. Options for Slavonic studies are pretty limited for PhDs. You should poke around the AATSEEL site. There might be someone there you can reach out to for advice. I would definitely recommend looking into comp lit as well. If you find a program at a school that has a great Slavic graduate faculty where they offer a wide array of language and lit options (like Berkeley), you can definitely use your Slavic language as
  6. Thank you! I was checking the results page and apparently was using the wrong search terms. 😳 Based on historic data, I figured they would have sent out most decisions by now (not sure why I haven't heard anything yet). I did reach out last month and was told that they would be delayed this year, due to COVID (which does not appear to be true), and that I shouldn't expect to hear anything until late March. Maybe she was trying to let me down easy? 😂
  7. Very cool! I just went to a (virtual) Slavic conference and saw an interesting presentation on early 20th century Yiddish poetry. Jewish lit is something I've always wanted to get into, but just never quite made it there. Maybe this time around, I'll finally make the leap! I'm a Slavist (Russian 19th-20th century lit), primarily, but have done mostly comparative research in the past, with a focus on performance theory as well as feminist criticism/women's studies. Again, so thrilled for you that you got in! It seems like such an awesome program and everyone I've spoken to has been in
  8. Did anyone else apply to the Literature PhD at UCSC? Has anyone heard anything? There is nothing on the results page but figured it was worth asking...
  9. Yay! I am so so happy for you! I got in as well, and am planning on accepting (waiting on two more implied rejections before I make my final choice). What are you research interests? I know it is a pretty small cohort so I'm keen to get to know everyone!
  10. Just got an email titled "From the Office of Admissions" and I almost choked when I saw the notification... It was just a spam message from a school I signed up to get notifications from, but didn't end up applying to. They should be FORBIDDEN from sending out stuff like that during response/rejection/dejection season. SERIOUSLY. I'm still waiting on two schools but am about ready to give up on them ever getting back to me. I submitted my applications the third week of October, so this wait has felt interminable.
  11. This was such a total delight to read. Thank you! This brightened my evening, as I obsessively check my portals to see if annnnyyyyyone is ready/willing to reject me to my face...
  12. I would say an MA would definitely do all of those things for you. While most of the faculty I worked with at Columbia is gone now, I can say it is an excellent program and I found it most enlightening. The faculty was supportive, interested (in my work and also in me, as a person) and very interesting. I will say that, if you opt to continue to a PhD at another school/in another program, you may find (as I am finding now) that you will not be able to transfer much of your MA coursework toward your PhD. Be that as it may, it will definitely prepare you for graduate studies and give you an amaz
  13. Who sends out a rejection at 8pm on a Saturday?!?!?! Relieved to have the info, but it did make it hard to sleep. Soooooo many failure dreams. Two more programs still pending... Good luck to all! Hoping for good news for everyone this next week!
  14. One more rejection to add to the pile. Heard from Stanford yesterday. Hoping you all are getting better news!
  15. Congratulations! If that is what they verbally represented, I am sure you will get in. That is marvelous! It's such a phenomenal program. Keep us posted and I hope you get your formal offer soon!
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