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  1. I'm going to try and offer some things to consider - but I also want to mention I know much more about KU than UF (I was waitlisted there this sem but accepted another offer) - but I did do some research into the program and sorta the area. That (slight?) disclaimer aside: - I do think your funding (the 17k) will go further in Lawrence than in Gainesville. I would also look at the other threads on this site about grad students who went to these schools - they often talk about housing, etc. However - I do think it would be *okay* in both areas. As in, I don't think you will struggle
  2. I accepted an offer from the waitlist at University of Delaware, which was one of my top choices from the beginning - so everyone: don't lose hope! I think this will be a big week as far as people making choices, shifting lists, etc. I'm taking myself out of consideration at KU - hopefully that adjusts something for someone Also, @cassidyaxxthat's amazing news! I'm sending very positive vibes for you (and I'm currently on the east coast, so they don't need to travel far!)
  3. Hey all - wanted to mention as well if anyone was hesitant / nervous about checking in with a program I did yesterday and it was worth it. I reached out to KU (one of my waitlists) and asked for an update if possible, given the upcoming 4/15 deadline. I didn't get the best of news (funding constraints, budget cuts reducing class size, the COVID-mess usual) but the director was very kind and transparent about the chances of my admission.
  4. haha, thank you!! The email from Gradcafe was below a notification from Fordham. Also rejected, but like... credit to whoever wrote that rejection email, lol. 2 waitlists for me this season - staying positive, both programs I am really invested in! If not, next year it is. Good luck everyone!!!
  5. Also still waiting on Fordham! I saw acceptances a while back, which makes me nervous, but I'm beginning to wonder what's up!
  6. I was also kind of wondering at what point it might make sense to reach out to programs that waitlisted a while back. I think in your case because you have many updates - it is probably worth it! I'd imagine it can't hurt, right?
  7. Congratulations on making your decision! If you're comfortable, would you mind sharing your choice? I am waitlisted at one of the schools on your list, so I'd love to ask you some questions about the program/school if you were able to vet them If not I totally understand though!
  8. I am still waiting as well - based on past years it looks like it might be this week, at least for waitlist/rejections
  9. Thank you so much I've been so glad to find this forum bc without it for many of us, I'm guessing, our parents/friends are not familiar with the process or the unique type of stress attached, haha! Before finding this my entire life was googling phrases like, "what am i allowed to say to a director of a grad program" lol
  10. Ahhh I appreciate this thread @cassidyaxx!! I am waitlisted at two programs right now (both are top choices, one is my top choice). I am also a first gen and first time applicant, so I don't know the process/etiquette here at all. I've been working on follow-up emails for a recruitment event all weekend. I know I'm over thinking it... but tell me I'm not alone? lol. It makes me feel better knowing others are in the same boat.
  11. I hope the best for you about Notre Dame! I am in a similar boat - two waitlists 😕 trying to be hopeful, but it is extremely stressful!
  12. I just received a response I was rejected, but the director was very nice/insightful about my application's review - he did mention that admissions would be posting the decisions shortly. Although, either way, it may be worth reaching out to him for some sort of feedback? I didn't ask for that specifically, but he offered in via a response about the status. I hope this helps!
  13. @ whoever posted the acceptance to the Brooklyn College MA program - I went there and had a great experience! If you have any questions about the program and/or faculty feel free to PM me!
  14. Ahh okay that's good to know that they were nice about it! That's true, I should reach out - reading back in the thread I saw you're early modern and I'm 19th/sometimes 20th, lol. So maybe there's something else up w/ mine or another batch! Thank you so much Edited to add: I'm going to reach out tomorrow AM if anyone is following, to get within "business hours" (even though COVID has somewhat ruined the concept...)
  15. this is disappointing but helpful to know, I guess!
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