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  1. Thank you so much for your insight! That makes sense and until recently I only had Georgetown to compare, but recently got into NYU's program with at least some funding. I agree given our field, I want the option that has full funding, but this cycle was rough and it's looking like that may not be possible, but I really love the MAs I applied to in case. NYU, with the scholarship they're giving, is still pricey but not as much Georgetown. I guess now I'm lost on how to compare the two programs on which is actually more favorable for me.
  2. Thank you so much for your insight, not a downer at all, I know we all caution against unfunded programs so your advice makes sense. I figured even if I could afford to go, it moreso stung that they won't back me with any funding whatsoever (even though I knew when I applied, hoped they could work something else out). I definitely don't come from a rich family, so my goal is to minimize loans of course. I recently got accepted to NYU's MA program as well thankfully and they're at least offering a 60% tuition scholarship. It will be cheaper to go to NYU but only $9K cheaper than Georgetown. Geo
  3. The answer to this is probably a simple no. However, this MA program suits my interests best, I am interested in multiple faculty members' work, and they have many job positions in initiatives I'm passionate about; I was already planning to hopefully get a graduate associate or TA job at one of their centers (with research that's exactly what I want to pursue). Everything about this program seems perfect except for the recent lack of funding (the biggest factor). Does this program have the prestige that makes it worth it, even without funding? It doesn't help that this is my only accepta
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