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  1. Does anyone know what's going on with Penn State? They are pretty much the last school that I'm really waiting on to make a final decision.
  2. I was just rejected from UVA. Wooooohooooo! I was already expecting this πŸ˜…
  3. So, I don't want to be negative, but I'm sensing a rejection from Virginia. I've only seen two acceptances and like one waitlist on the results page. Also, does anyone know what's going on with Penn State? I only see one acceptance, and the comment is asking if anyone's heard from them.
  4. I was rejected from UCLA. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜… If anyone's wondering, I logged on to my application portal and saw the official decision letter waiting for me there. I didn't receive any email notification prior.
  5. Also, I keep seeing people in the results saying that they checked their UCLA application portal, but mine doesn't say anything. How weird. Maybe they haven't finished posting all the rejections, and I'm at the bottom of the list πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ₯΄
  6. Just finished speaking with the DGS from OSU. Did not get a fellowship, unfortunately. However, we went over stipend details and all that. The course load is one per semester, which is great! I'm still waiting on a few more schools, but yes. I'm feeling good about OSU!
  7. I saw that someone posted for Auburn and University of Virginia. I'm sensing a rejection from them, since that's how it felt when I saw someone post for Illinois. Don't they usually send all the acceptances at the same time? That's why I'm thinking a rejection.
  8. Just got rejected from UC San Diego. Was on the bottom of my list anyway. Only applied because my advisor went there, TBH. Too expensive to live there anyway, so I'm not mad about it. Hah
  9. I just got accepted to KU! Received a call just now from DGS. This was the first call I've received from any school! 🀩
  10. Same here. I guess since I've been accepted already to one school, I don't feel as bad. It does give me a sense of relief. I was wondering when I would receive another admissions decision. Hah! In terms of increasing your chances, I'm not sure how that would work exactly. Wouldn't it be that if someone who was accepted decides to reject the offer, they would pick someone from the waitlist? If anyone can clear that up, that'd be great because I'm not really sure either That's freaking awesome! CONGRATS! Well deserved πŸ‘
  11. Just got a letter from DGS in an email about being waitlisted. "Due to an especially strong pool of applicants this year, we have only been able to offer acceptance to a small number of the many outstanding candidates who applied. However, the Graduate Executive Committee was very impressed with your record and has placed your name on a very selective waiting list to which we may return later in the admissions process." Not totally bad news!
  12. I just checked, and I have one as well. Maybe it’s automatically created for each applicant.
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