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  1. Well, I can get this M.A. degree in two years (okay, I WILL finish next summer or fall but I am going to get a certificate as well if I can); so that means I have to apply around Fall 2007 for Fall 2008. My concern is having a Master's thesis completed by then... I want to have something real good to show Ph.D. programs.
  2. If you want to study transgender stuff, OSU is not the place you want to be... I have my B.A. from OSU and there just isn't much going on in the transgender or media areas in the department of Sociology at OSU. Plus, crime on campus is spinning out of control. Indiana U might be a better place for you. They're very open and accepting to those issues. Northwestern might be a good fit as well. Have you considered Cornell University? I would choose Cornell University over NYU.
  3. I was told to start my Ph.D. search NOW since I'll be applying in a year. That's such a weird thought... My list: Syracuse University, Brown University, University at Buffalo, The University of Chicago, University of Illinois- Chicago, University of Pittsburgh I'll keep looking.
  4. I just moved to St. Louis and Saint Louis University doesn't seem like they're THAT religious (I go to UMSL). Plus, St. Louis is a good sized city and there's lots of diversity so even if something bothers you, you're not far away from something that may be more to your liking. Notre Dame on the other hand... small city, mostly Catholic, and there's no escape. I'm a bit glad I didn't get accepted. I don't think they wanted a Buddhist anyway, lol. Someone else on here going to Notre Dame maybe able to answer better. If you can, I would visit the schools and make sure you are comfortable
  5. Guess who starts her Masters Degree on Monday? That's right! I'm taking my stats class and "Conflict in Organizations."
  6. Updates, anyone? Well, I'm going to start classes in the summer. I will take Stats and class on Conflict in Organizations. My last final is the 8th and classes at UMSL start the 12th (they're 8-week classes). I will have very little time to move; but I think this is for the best. I talked my one professor into letting me take the final on the 5th and I'm trying to talk the other one into letting me take his final on the 6th. This way, I would have three extra days. However, my Physics instructors (they're not professors) are being impossible! They say that if they let me do this, then
  7. Mnemosyne9- I'm so happy for you! I'm also glad I didn't apply to University of Toronto. They were pricks at the grad school fair here when I talked to them. I just wasn't impressed. I signed up for classes today at UMSL. I am a little upset because this is supposedly one of the only places in the nation you can study conflict but they only are offering an undergrad class in conflict and grads can't get credit for the class anymore since it was changed around. Their International Studies graduate certificate is also hard to get because a lot of the classes are at the undergrad level...
  8. I didn't go see my advisor today. Now everyone (but my mom) has me re-thinking this....
  9. yin-bodhi

    St. Louis, MO

    Thank you so much! I sent an e-mail to the contact person for both the condo and apartment place. The third apartment place is furnished and for undergrads; so I don't think that would work for me. You're right, we should be able to work something out or they might be able to help me find something off campus. I checked the craigslist and there are some nice deals! A two-bedroom apartment for $450???? They're almost $700 here in Columbus!!!! What's the catch? lol
  10. yin-bodhi

    St. Louis, MO

    Thank you! The only thing is I need a two bedroom because I have a boyfriend and a cat. I don't know if they would let me rent out a two bedroom by myself and then allow someone else and a cat to live there. I'll look into it, though. The policies may be different between resident halls and graduate apartments. I heard it was safe around that area, so I am confident I should be okay living around there.
  11. You don't think it's worth it? :?:
  12. yin-bodhi

    St. Louis, MO

    I just accepted an offer for UMSL. I am moving to St. Louis from Columbus. I want to live near campus (if it is safe) and I will need a two bedroom apartment. How much will this cost me? Where around campus should I live? Where do most grad students live? Thanks to all who can help me!!!!
  13. CONGRATS, Shelly!!! I also got some AMAZING news today: UMSL has offered me an assistantship that includes a tuition waiver and $7,000 a year!!! I said "yes" and I am so excited! I didn't think I would get to go anywhere!!!! Bad news: I have to take three summer classes so I can graduate "magna cum laude" (you need a certain amount of credit to get this honor and I'm only a couple of classes away). So, NOW I have to take three first term classes and cram in everything so I have enough time to move to UMSL and get ready to go for fall. I won't even have my degree by then (OSU- quarter
  14. Mine is updated (again) with some great news!!!
  15. Which two schools? Chances are SOMEONE here did their undergrad or M.A. at one of the schools. It may also be that someone here has already visited the schools and can tell you their impression of the school. I agree with the previous two posters. You have to take that leap and go with your gut instinct.
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