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  1. Does anyone know or can update me on the status of Marquetteโ€™s Ph.D. in English program? I received an email from the director saying that closing admissions is likely. They are waiting to hear on the decision. This was one of my safety schools, so it sucks to hear this. ๐Ÿ˜ž
  2. Update: So I emailed the office assistant, and they said that the prompt was changed a bit and that I should include it in addition to what I already have. I also emailed the program director just in case. I think I'm just going to adapt what I wrote for my personal statement on diversity to this.
  3. If anyone here has applied to Penn State for their Ph.D. in English program and you know about this, please clarify for me. I would really appreciate it. Thanks! So on the English department's website, it says that a SOP (1-3 double-spaced pages) is required. However, when I went to start the application, the portal says that part of the documentation required is a personal statement with the following prompt: "Why do you want to pursue a higher degree in English studies at a time when the Liberal Arts are often less valued than science and technology?" This doesn't sound like a
  4. If anyone can give their input on this, I'd really appreciate it! So here are the WS requirements for each one of my 12 schools that I'm applying to: 15-20 pages 25 pages (minimum) One or two writing samples 12-20 double-spaced pages 15-25 pages No more than 25 pages 15-25 double-spaced pages (including notes) Two examples of academic writing (8-20 pages) Two samples (15-20 pages) 15-20 pages Around 20 pages 10-20 pages As you can tell, the average is around 20 pages for most of the schools. I'm using my mas
  5. Mostly done with all my SOPs. Moving on to polishing my WS.

  6. Already heard one school from my list is not accepting applications this cycle. Hopefully there's not many more ๐Ÿคž

  7. Boo ๐Ÿ˜• There'll probably be other schools from my list closing admissions as well (hopefully not too many more)...
  8. I'm surprised no one has taken the time to reply to your post! Either way, each of my schools are requiring a SOP, but only one of my schools (UCLA) is also requiring a personal statement. From my understanding, a SOI/SOR are synonymous with a SOP. They both address your interests and your research. In some of my schools that I'm applying to, I see that they want a personal statement, but it is basically asking for a SOP. All in all, I would email the program directly and see what they want. P.S. It's funny how when I search "statement of intent for grad school" on Google, mos
  9. Hi, @kimmy! When I first started researching programs for my Ph.D. in English, I had my thesis advisor/mentor help me. Do you have a professor that you were close with that could maybe help you? I found that my advisor knew a lot of the faculty in many Ph.D. in English programs, so that helped me out a lot. It's always good to have someone who has experience who can assist you in the application process. Good luck with everything, and stay safe! ๐Ÿ™‚
  10. When there's that one school that asks for a personal statement as wellย ๐Ÿ™„

  11. My field is 19th-century American lit, so it's obviously different. However, for me, it took one class and one professor to really see what field in English/lit I wanted to research. I agree with @Randi S. If you did your MA thesis, look into that and see what you were passionate about.
  12. I've lived in Miami all my life, and the one thing that I would say is that you probably need a car to get around. Unless you want to do Uber/Lyft or carpool. If you live on/near FIU, then I think you should be good because there is a Publix, Walgreens, etc. right across the street from campus. However, it would mean having to carry your groceries. I was lucky enough to live only a few minutes away from FIU and even though I didn't have a car, I relied on Uber/Lyft, parents, friends, etc. to drive me to and from campus and to wherever else I wanted/needed to go. One of the reasons I'm moving a
  13. I believe all my schools are still accepting applications for fall 2021, but now I'm a bit worried. Does anyone know anything about my schools (see my signature for schools I'm applying to)? Thanks!
  14. I always write better in the middle of the night...

  15. Hi, @ssg! I hope all's well with you. I've just finished a draft of my SOP for one of my schools, and I have included at least three professors that I wish to work with, or whose work is related to mine. When you say "PI," do you mean a person of interest? Since I'm applying to a PhD in English program and you're applying to a clinical psychology program, I'm not sure how the structure works behind "naming" professors in your SOP. I don't think it's a bad idea to have two mentors. I'm guessing in terms of my own SOP, I am naming possible committee members, but I'm not sure if that's what
  16. In my department during my MA, our theses were required to go through Turnitin after a student a while ago completely plagiarized their thesis (at another department). It was ridiculous, but I knew I had nothing to worry about. But yes, I do worry all the time about whether I've "plagiarized" or not. I try to search for plagiarism checkers, and I usually check my paper through different ones to see if there are different results. Also, I'm not sure if this is a thing, but if you're really worried, you can ask a professor to run your paper through Turnitin with their account, if you guys are cl
  17. I doubt that they'll Google you or whatever. Even if they did, wouldn't it be expressed in the admission info that they do actually do something like that? I think that your application alone gives them a good idea of who you are in an academic sense. If they want to know more, I would think they would set up some sort of meeting with you. Maybe out of curiosity they could search for you online, but it's not going to be to the point where they dig up every single thing about you. If you have a strong online presence, then maybe it'll be discovered easier. However, if you have a few accounts he
  18. I really wouldn't worry about it. They're looking at your application. Not the emails you send.
  19. When I first began writing my SOP, I didn't really know how to structure it or even what to write. I looked at some samples and that helped. One sample began with stating outright what your "purpose" is: "I am applying to a PhD program in X at Y because Z." My mentor/advisor told me that the admissions committee already know that you're applying to that program, and since they're reading hundreds of them, it would be better to start with something interesting. He suggested that I start with a quote (based on a primary source used for my MA thesis), and then introduce/connect my research intere
  20. Taking a (somewhat long) break from looking at/writing your SOP really helps...

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