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  1. Honestly don't worry too much about the "tier" of the schools you're applying to. Yes, obviously some schools are better than others, but focus on what's a good fit for you. I know people who got rejected from "lower tier" schools but got into better schools because their academic interests just weren't a good fit with schools they thought would be easier to get into. Getting into any grad program is hard. I would recommend looking at where research you like is being done and really tailoring your application to show that you did your research on the program and how their goals align with your
  2. There were a couple main reasons I made my decision: 1. The research: OSU has a dedicated center for my desired area of research (RNA biology) that is well supported and will provide me extensive professional opportunities. 2. Columbus is the best combination of low cost of living and plenty to do out of all the places I was accepted to 3. Program specific details that made the program stand out from other ones I was considering (not having to TA, flexible curriculum, emphasis on scientific communication) 4. Personal reasons: my partner and many of my friends live in the
  3. No, I actually turned down my offer last week and accepted at another institution where I got off the waitlist.
  4. I got off the waitlist at Ohio State and ended up committing there this week. It was really hard to be patient but it was worth it in the end!
  5. I just committed this morning and am very excited!! Any other future Buckeyes out there?
  6. I think mine says under graduate school review, but I've already been accepted. It didn't change even after I got my acceptance though.
  7. I think that's definitely possible. It seems like the University had some issues with state funding, so the number of people they accept is changing. This might have impacted international students even more than usual.
  8. Yes I am! I know they were only sending out as many offers as they could accept and then putting everyone else on a waitlist so hang in there!
  9. My portal hasn't been updated to my knowledge. I also just received an offer to another program that I thought I had no chance with, so my decision is a lot harder now! I really enjoyed my visit with UMD and it's going to be tough deciding where to go.
  10. Did you apply to MOCB? It's my understanding that acceptances from a single professor are really only common for the BEES concentration area, so I'd be interested to hear the concentration area you applied to and who you talked with. Even with an unofficial offer from a professor, these decisions are made by an entire committee, so while a professor's support is helpful it's not the end all be all. UMD also isn't making more offers than they can fund, so you may be on a waitlist or something.
  11. I'm not sure about when offers will be sent to international students. I was told the first wave will be sent within a week or two, but I don't know if that includes domestic and international students or just domestic. The program director mentioned some issues with funding that are preventing them from releasing all offers at once, but I would say no news is good news and to sit tight!
  12. I just received mine last night! Super duper excited!!!
  13. We were told that the first wave of official offers will be sent sometime in the next week or two. If you don't receive an acceptance in the first wave, don't worry because they'll make additional offers as people from the first wave accept/decline.
  14. Hi, I interviewed the week following you and had a wonderful experience so I'm going to try to make sense of some of what you're feeling. First, my event the following week was closer to 30/40 students, so I'd say the "shortlist" you mention is around 100 students. This is also spread out across four concentration areas, all with a different admissions committee, so some of the people you saw on Zoom weren't even "competitors" in that sense and are being chosen from completely different pools. Just in general, I've found that graduate school interviews are more of a conversation. They do
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