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  1. I am going to accept the offer today.
  2. I think you misread who write the messages. I am the one who got offer this week and yes, i am going to accept the offer from umd.
  3. I got an offer last night from UMD BISI MOCB. I am an international student
  4. I got an offer from three schools. BUMC Pibs program U of Maryland, School of Medicine, Baltimore. PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology U of Maryland, College Park. BISI MOCB program. I still can decide where to go. My heart is telling me to go UMD MOCB. What do you guys think?
  5. I actually got an offer last night. I am an international student. MOCB is still in the cycle of offering. That is what I heard due to funding issues.
  6. what is your status? Mine says under program review.
  7. I actually heard the same thing. That was how I interpret, too.
  8. I applied to BU medical school program, so I am not sure of biology program in BU. For UMD, I am in the same situation as you. I guess we are all waitlisted.
  9. Congratulation! Do you know whether they will send an offer to international students in a different date or not? I just wonder because they had different admission committees for domestic and international students.
  10. I got an offer last night from BU PIBS program.
  11. I actually had a great time with Dr. Deeney and Dr. Farmer. They introduce their own research and I also asked questions about that. Dr. Yuriy's interview was very detailed but nothing hard or making me nervous about it. It was all written in my statement. They all were very nice. A lot of people commented that their interview was very friendly not like interrogation room.
  12. I was interested in Genetics. I did an interview with Dr. Yuriy(asked very detailed technical questions related to my previous research), Dr. Farmer, and Dr. Deeney. Two professors are from the Genetics concentration, but one professor was from nutrition and metabolism, which I did not show an interest to it. They all read your statement and CV. All the questions were from there. Good luck on your interview. I know you will do well. Please let me know if you have more questions. I am happy to answer them.
  13. Congratz!! I am so happy for you. I wish I get an acceptance soon. I do have an offer from UMB school of medicine, but I prefer to go UMD BISI. Hope to see you there.
  14. For international student, admission is little different from domestic students. I already had an interview in January. They said there is no more interviews for us. We might be in the same group yesterday and probably today since I applied to MOCB track. I talked to several professor that I am interested for their research via emails. Because my research interest is both molecular and computational, I am also talking to the director of CBBG today. I reach out to him yesterday whether I can talk to him. I did not expect that many people to come for the recruitment event yesterday. Hope f
  15. Hi I finished BUSM PiBS program interview on Monday. There was three interviews, and the rest of them was just information session. One professor asked me very detailed questions related to the Genetics part of my current research (RNA-seq, scRNAseq). The other two were very easygoing. Introducing their research to me rather than me speaking to them. PiBS program itself was very nice, have a lot of research funding. Program for NEIDL was super cool (BSL4 lab facility). There were about 900-1000application, invited 140 people for the interview. They are going to select about ~25 people. S
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