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  1. Hello everyone! So, I am re-applying to PhD programs this fall. I am looking into umbrella programs and micro/immuno programs. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for some good lower tier schools to apply to. Right now a lot of my list consists of places like Columbia and Hopkins. I just wanted to apply to as wide a variety as possible. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, -Ash
  2. So I am currently in a master's program, but I am straight up not having a good time. I like the program itself, but a lot of the professors just don't really seem to care. I don't know if its the pandemic or because our coursework is online, but I just feel that I'm not really getting any kind of encouragement or help or anything. They are just kinda doing the bare minimum and a lot of us in the program are just struggling through because of it. I wouldn't graduate until spring 2022. It is a research-based degree and I should wind up with a publication or two from it, and I'm really trying my
  3. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone knew of any funding outside of student loans to help fund a master's program. Luckily, my program does offer funding, but it doesn't start until after you have completed your first semester. I know I will be taking out loans to help, but I don't really want to rely solely on them. Since I do receive funding after my first semester, I really just need something to help me out for this coming fall. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the input! After looking at job outlooks, I should make more than the amount of debt I would be in. But I also want to pursue a PhD, I just haven't gotten in this cycle. I looked into scholarships at the school, but it looked like most of them were either for undergrads or in-state students. I probably just need to dig a little deeper to find something.
  5. Hi! Happy Wednesday! So I was accepted to an online masters program. Unfortunately, it isn't cheap. I don't think I am going to get much funding from the program, and I can't really justify paying that much for it right now. Most people I have talked with said it isn't worth doing without some kind of funding. I was wondering if anyone had some advice or knew of funding opportunities outside of student loans (I already have a good bit out from undergrad.) that I could look into. I have been applying for a few smaller scholarships and looking for jobs that offer tuition reimbursement, and
  6. Hi! I recently got accepted to Purdue University for an online MSE. I just wanted to ask for people's opinions and thoughts on the school or the program. Just anything anyone wants to say about it really. I just want to have a lot to think over before I give them an answer back.
  7. Hi, I emailed the CAMB people yesterday and they replied back within a few hours. I was rejected. "Thank you for your continuing interest in CAMB. We received a record number of applications this year, and the admissions process was exceptionally competitive. Unfortunately, you were not selected for interview. I realize this decision will be received with disappointment. Please know that this is not a negative assessment of your potential to do important and impactful science, but rather a reflection of a limitation in our ability to interview and recruit the many highly qualified candidates i
  8. Same here. I started back running. That helps to clear my mind and just being outside helps me not think as much about it...at least while i'm running.
  9. UNC Chapel Hill (BBSP): Rejected UGA (ILS): Rejected UVA (BIMS): Waiting Vanderbilt (IGP): Waiting UPenn (CAMB): Waiting UAB (Microbiology): Waiting Duke (Molecular Genetics and Microbiology): Waiting Emory: Waiting
  10. Happy New Year's Eve everyone! So I applied to graduate school over the fall and submitted my transcript at the time. The courses I was taking were still in progress, so there wasn't a grade posted for those. I graduated from the school, and I was wondering if I should update my applications with an updated transcript. My grades for the fall semester were released after the deadlines. Is it worth updating my transcript or should I just leave my applications as they are?
  11. I also applied to UPenn but I haven't heard anything either.
  12. Hi, does the application status change in the portals? For all the schools I applied to it just says "submitted" and under recent activity it says "payment received". I was wondering if it changes to "under review" or anything before a rejection or interview invite.
  13. I applied to Emory and Vandy also, but I haven't heard anything back either. I just keep checking my email every two minutes. 😂 Good luck to you!
  14. Undergrad Institution: Small agricultural college in Georgia Major: Biology-Biochemistry (my concentration was in biochemistry) GPA in Major: Unknown Overall GPA: 3.73 Type of Student: Domestic GRE: I didn't take the GRE; my programs didn't require it. Research: 3 years in a neuroscience lab. About a year in a microbiology lab (kinda). 1 international poster presentation, 1 regional poster presentation, 2 local poster presentations. 2 abstract publications (1 first author and 1 second). Awards and such: President's List, Dean's List, NSF ASSESTS Scholar, Mag
  15. Hi! I applied to these ones: UNC-Chapel Hill UGA UAB Emory Vanderbilt UVA Duke UPenn Good luck to everyone! 😊
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