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  1. I'm a 22 year old MA student doing it straight from undergrad and I feel like doing this is the end of my youth. In my class, I enjoyed the discussion but I have some folks much older than me like starting their PHD and already working for years now or being married/have kids and since they are my peers, I feel like I'm in the same life stage as someone in their late twenties/early thirties onward and I feel so old compared to undergrads(sophomore-seniors or 18-22 year olds) and I can't relate/am not in the same life stage and it makes me feel like my youth is over. Like I want to make friends
  2. What you said is what I am talking about in first place I just started classess this week, everything is online, but have my friends who just graduated and yes, I heard from other grad students and from my own experience with my friend
  3. Oh god, it is not like some inherent weird fetish if you think that or something, more like anxiety/overthinking
  4. I'll reaffirm that I've heard different opinions and second, thanks for being condescending
  5. I wouldn't say I want to relive college exactly 100%, just not feel old/removed from folks who are in it, like be able to hang out with both groups and it not be weird I know my youth will end but not now
  6. Also tbh, I ask mainly in regards to hanging out as I do have a fear/anxiety that this means the end of my youth and I feel so old compared to people in the undergrad age range
  7. I see but like 13 and 17 isn't comparable to two young adults, which IMO more case by case like 18/21
  8. 22 dating 20 isn't weird? I mean 20 dating 16 is wrong cuz its an adult dating a minor, I wouldn't say its comparable to that
  9. Don';t mean to troll, just trying to reconcile different opinions I heard
  10. Sorry it was late, will revise in the morning and reread their thing
  11. I'm weighing the options and putting answers against each other also, what is wrong with the term unis
  12. In late 30s, you're too old for undergrad students, stick with grad students
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