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  1. Boolakanaka

    2019 MDiv MTS MA Applications

    @plump_helmetIf your aspiration is to later attend YLS, or the highest of aspirations (wink), then know this, undergrad and graduate degrees from Yale are the most highly represented in the admitted class—so it can help being a YDS graduate. Also it’s the smallest law school class among the tippy top school but also has the largest endowment (endowment is over a billion just for the law school) and has the expansive and generous loan repayment program in the nation. The major obstacle —getting admitted—when I was doing work there, there was a former general, a Pulitzer winner, and a former head of a hedge fund, among many many uber qualified folks......best of luck.
  2. Boolakanaka

    2019 MDiv MTS MA Applications

    @xypathos That’s true, I know even of a fairly well placed partner in a NY law firm, that obtained a M.Div degree later in life that received some notable aid.
  3. Boolakanaka

    2019 MDiv MTS MA Applications

    UTS allows for classes across the street, e.g. Columbia...,,
  4. Boolakanaka

    2019 MDiv MTS MA Applications

    If you are referring to the M.Div, there are no waitlists for that degree....
  5. Boolakanaka

    2019 MDiv MTS MA Applications

    Yep, it’s a generic invite they have utilized in past years.
  6. Boolakanaka

    DBA vs PhD

    @southerncharmI would Yale SOM. It was not a tradional business school until the 1980s, and has a long history and tradition of public practice and policy.
  7. Boolakanaka

    Too Old for History Phd?

    Hmmn, the PhD program I ways accepted to was highly selective and one of a very few in the entire US, and I was in my early 50s when I was accepted. They certainly knew I was not going to pursue a traditionally accepted teaching/academic path when they accepted me....
  8. Boolakanaka

    How are the 2019 applications coming

    @magnetite Unless there is a large gap in time between taking the GRE, you are usually required to submit all of your scores.
  9. Boolakanaka

    How are the 2019 applications coming

    There appears to be more than a handful of well-intentioned folks here giving some rather insightful advice. On the other hand, we have some rather generic excuses and rationale why the system is flawed and should not apply to the person who is applying to be a part of the very community she holds with such contempt. The system is not perfect, but it is what it is, participate in it or do not. Good folks are offering you good counsel....You should know this comes from an older OG man of color who has known every shade of poverty during his life.
  10. Boolakanaka

    How are the 2019 applications coming

    @chasebf More of the former than the later. Observations are made to what the length of the time span between test taking and what other life events have been occurring, e.g. a masters degree, field study, etc.....
  11. Boolakanaka

    How are the 2019 applications coming

    @rockwizard In my experience, and that’s based on being on admissions committees and having two daughters in graduate school (MIT and Yale) that after a couple of attempts, multiple scores are sort of discounted and but a piece of the admissions puzzle. That said, upper tier programs will be looking for consistency of high achievement in a variety of areas. For the record, both my Ds took the GRE just once...
  12. Boolakanaka

    How are the 2019 applications coming

    @rockwizard What does “pay-to-win” mean?
  13. Boolakanaka

    Rejected from PhD program - won't tell me why.

    Take it from someone that is long in the tooth—one of the biggest gifts we can receive in life is clarity. It may not be on your terms or timing, but in many ways this provides you clear instruction and now you can create your own liberation....
  14. Boolakanaka

    Too Old for History Phd?

    These are all real concerns and frustrations. Recently, (in the last several years) I was accepted to what can be argued as the premier PhD program in its field, ultimately I decided against it as there was a heavy pressure and rhetoric that the program should almost exclusively train professors at the most tippy-top universities-I was in my early 50s at the time. My own inclination was to perhaps work at a non-research tribal college. So, it’s not just age, but as well, institutional preference and placement.
  15. Boolakanaka

    MBA or EMBA for mid-30s career changer?

    Most of the folks I know are in the process of doing some form of pivot or another from their current position, it’s just how you package it.

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