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  1. Boolakanaka

    Average GRE scores for M.Div students at top schools?

    @Adelei You are taking the right approach and attitude. And wanted to add, and it’s sort of a secret, but not really, if you are able to get into YLS, there loan forgiveness is unsurpassed, literally. Think about it in these terms, YLS, the smallest of the tippy top law schools, has also the smallest enrolled student body, including PhDs, LLMs, etc....at about 700, give or take. However, their endowment specifc to the law school is over 1.2 billion (which in some instances is more than a flagship state university has to support their entire undergraduate population), yes over a billion supporting under a 1000 students. So, while HLS has a slightly higher endowment, it also has to support over three times as many total students. If you get into YLS, run don’t walk to the admissions office....
  2. Boolakanaka

    Biomedical Sciences with Computational Biology phd programs

    Perhaps Yale, see: https://cbb.yale.edu/
  3. Boolakanaka

    Average GRE scores for M.Div students at top schools?

    To add, the JD/M.Div track at Yale, is very nicely situated and fairly synergistic, I’m my estimation the best of its kind in the nation. That said, as @JDD correctly states, getting into YLS, is no easy task from even the best of candidates. Even among its potential applicants, it is very self-selecting. While I was doing a fellowship there, I was blown away by the caliber of students, from former CEOs to former Generals to folks who already had obtain Pulitzer’s and Emmys—breathtaking diversity too. Think along the lines of a 173/174 LSAT, as a cutoff and a really compelling SOW, and you will be on your way...best.
  4. Boolakanaka

    Which MLIS programs are strongest for law librarianship?

    If you were a resident of a Western state you could participate in the WICHE program —it’s a program that allows you to have a discounted tuition and set aside seats for degrees not offered in yiur state.
  5. Boolakanaka

    Which MLIS programs are strongest for law librarianship?

    U of Washington-Seattle. U Texas-Austin UNC In that order...
  6. Boolakanaka

    Liberty University PhD

    In short, very low ranked and has an even lower reputation within academia. I would consider almost any other school....
  7. @ExponentialDecayHmmmn, seems the likes of fomer US Senator John Danforth, Adam Clayton Powell, US Senator Chris Coons, former Presidental candidate Gary Hart and Ralph Waldo Emerson (all divinity school graduates) would be rather spectacular company and literally the opposite of supremely stupid.....
  8. Boolakanaka

    Careers at the UN?

    As the previous poster accurately pointed out, it is in large point who you know, and that is especially true for US citizens. I would identify the specific departments you are interested and who the directors of those departments are, and the member countries. Given the really large bureaucracy and hierarchy of the UN, you are almost better off try to make a connection with a specific person rather tangle with the the labyrinth hiring process. By way of specific example, and this was many years ago, I went through about 3-4 interviews for a position in the UNDP section.....low and behold, about 2.5 years later I get a very surprising call to tell me I’m being hired...go figure.
  9. Yes, when the OP says that the respective state institution waives costs, he/she is conflating it with the notion that there is NO costs—when in reality those costs are still accounting for and bore by the university.
  10. Just to add-in, but on the side side of the coin—the JD as a pathway to a public policy career. Now, granted I have 20 plus years in law, and a LLM in sustainable development (which was basically fully funded). But, I have held numerous senior public policy positions such as Genral Counsel to a US Senate Committee, Senior Policy Advisor at the US State Department, Democratic Governors Association (DGA) and US HHS and Director of Policy for a State Governor, as well as international consulting gigs wth everyone from Boston Consulting to the UN and the Asian Development Bank. My point being, is that I was not exclusively piegoned holed into legal positions, but rather, brought an additional patina of experience and expertise. The LLM in sustainable development at the University of Washington Law is at once very small, can be tailored to your specific areas of interest and comes with both a high degree of financial support and placement. See—https://www.law.uw.edu/academics/llm/sid
  11. Boolakanaka

    Query Regarding South Asian History Graduate Programs

    @WhaleshipEssex I agree that if your aspirations are to attend the most elite programs in the country, it almost goes without saying you should at least have both the wherewithal and ability to identify what schools compose the short-list of such top-tier programs—this is the most basic of information, all of which are probably a 10-15 minute google search. Now, if the question was related to a more nuanced sub-grouping or specific questions about a particular faculty member, I can see the need for assistance. As for someone telling you to keep your comments to yourself, peeshaw, as you make a fairly lucid and cogent point....
  12. Boolakanaka

    Careers in Legal Academia?

    I would say it really depends—say you were the clinic director for natural resources or family justice, most of the folks who run such programs have substantial practice experience (e.g. 10 years plus) in their respective fields. So, you do not necessarily have to have the same stellar academic credentials as a tenured law professor, but there is certainly an expectation that you bring significant real world experience in the area of practice.
  13. Boolakanaka

    Careers in Legal Academia?

    Depends where you want to teach? This early in your career, unless you went to a T14 school with stellar credentials, then you are not going to get much interest from law schools —and this assumes you are already well published. Here is some background:https://www.law.uchicago.edu/careerservices/pathstolawteaching or https://law.utexas.edu/career/paths/academic/advice-on-becoming-a-law-professor/ or http://www.leiterrankings.com/jobs/2009job_teaching.shtml
  14. Boolakanaka

    Repairing low GPA + Chasing the med school dream

    This will give you an inkling where you need to score on the MCAT to have a legitimate chance at admission —in short, your chances greatly improve with an MCAT over 510 or in the 85th percentile of higher, see:https://www.aamc.org/download/321508/data/factstablea23.pdf
  15. Boolakanaka

    Repairing low GPA + Chasing the med school dream

    Three doctors in the family (wife and two girls), I will say the single biggest item will be killing the MCAT.

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