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  1. Master's Admissions 2018 (MA, MTS, ThM or Mdiv)

    Just a quick note, I attended the opening program for the UTS “intersections” event and it was announced that everyone in attendance was being formally offered admission—so, woot woot. I guess the next coming days and weeks, will offer all of us some clarity where we will be in the fall..
  2. @la_modI meant “primary home” as sort of a homebase, where maybe more things and support systems are located. We did it through medical residences and several fellowships, and even a couple of different jobs....
  3. @la_mod It’s certainly doable. Have done it several times during my marriage—bi-costal.It does take a certain personality and we always kept a primary home...
  4. Yup. 25 years as a Native rights attorney and some youngins in college, although both near graduation. I’m very fortunate to be married to a physician who is very supportive of me going back to school—as she initially commented “hey, in terms of a midlife crisis, you could be buying some obnoxious car (several of my buddies have gone all out and bought Teslas in recent years) in some ridiculous color, so this is fairly nerdy and benign mid-life crisis.”
  5. Master's Admissions 2018 (MA, MTS, ThM or Mdiv)

    @kaaat The last statement is so true...when I first applied to law schools, I didn’t really have admission stats in hand, and was just sort of bumbling along, but yet still got into 4 out of 6 schools. In fact, I don’t think I gave it too much thought about not getting in, at present, I almost have too much information.....tho, the board is of great service and comfort. Fingers crossed!
  6. Master's Admissions 2018 (MA, MTS, ThM or Mdiv)

    @kaaat Me too. And although I have a law degree and another advanced degree from 20 years ago— I don’t remember “sweating it out” like this....
  7. Yale MFA 2018

    Right across the street, nice boutique hotel called the study-see:
  8. Master's Admissions 2018 (MA, MTS, ThM or Mdiv)

    I was reading some earlier post, I think from a year ago, that folks invited to the Union intersection event are usually offered admission—does anyone know if that was just an anecdotal observation or whether there is some truth to this....anyone? I thought it was just a chance to get to know faculty and students, and take in some classes.....
  9. Master's Admissions 2018 (MA, MTS, ThM or Mdiv)

    @Kirby66 I’ll be participating. It will be a full-day as I’m also flying into NYC for the Union intersections event on the same day...
  10. Master's Admissions 2018 (MA, MTS, ThM or Mdiv)

    @kaaat Wow, indeed, that full-ride from Vandy is awfully compelling—and that’s a nice chit to be holding in your back pocket-congrats! I’ll keep you in the loop on how it turns out for me and again, thank you for your insight and kind words.
  11. Master's Admissions 2018 (MA, MTS, ThM or Mdiv)

    @kaaat Thanks for the input—and the very best to you on your own application journey this cycle.C’mon how come I can’t quote you on the holistic evaluation—wink?!? Although I’m certainly not Karl Barth, I am not too worried as in the worse case scenario I got back to practicing Native Law—although I am getting pretty hyped about attending D-school! Perhaps, I should have taken a bit of time to explain my grades, but as I previously mentioned, it’s been so much time between now and undergraduate, making an explanation that I was a D1 scholarship athlete and drank too many beers, seemed at best silly and at worse, patently trite. So, where else did you place applications?
  12. Master's Admissions 2018 (MA, MTS, ThM or Mdiv)

    @ChristoWitch87 Again, mahalo nui (thank you very much)! I have to agree with you in regard to Duke, as I was sort of talked into including it in my application list. It is the one school in which I don’t have an organic tie or symmetrical tie in terms of either a subject matter area or a Professor that I would like to work with—so that’s a choppy, not very eloquent way to say—we will see. I did have a nice chat and coffee with Sarah Azanransky from Union, who I really enjoy and greatly impressed with her work. Who knows, we might very well be cohorts at Union—knock on wood!
  13. Master's Admissions 2018 (MA, MTS, ThM or Mdiv)

    @ChristoWitch87 Thank you again-your comments and insights are most helpful. As to your question, I am a fairly progressive Catholic, and as such the remnants of the Doctrine of Discovery are of great interest to me and I hope to more scholarship around this topic. Funny story which speaks to my age—I attended the prospective student event in the fall, and had a nice 30-40 minute one-on-one conversation with Dean Goettler (arranged by a friend of mine who is his colleague) and one of the prospective students was waiting on the side and approached us after we finished our conversation—we both assumed she was waiting to speak to the Dean, but she interjected—oh, pointing at me, is he not on the faculty here, I wanted to speak to him about a couple of tribal issues?? Buahahahahahahah......
  14. Master's Admissions 2018 (MA, MTS, ThM or Mdiv)

    @ChristoWitch87 Thank you for those comments and let me wish you the best during your own application process! My SOP was centered around the factual story of Henry ʻŌpūkahaʻia. In short, he was an orphaned Native Hawaiian who ended up on a merchant/whaling ship in the early 1800s and was found several years later on the steps of Yale Library lamenting the fact he could not read or write, and then subsequently lived with the then-President Timothy Dwight. He lived with the Dwight family and although he did not attend Yale, he was educated personally by Timothy Dwight and eventually turned to Christianity and was intent on becoming a missionary—but died of typhus right before he was to sail back to Hawai’i. Subsequently, and the very next year, Yale’s first missionaries to Hawai‘i were formed via the American Board Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM). Being native Polynesian I think I made an interesting connection to these events and how they compelled not just my current application to Divinity School, but also inspired my life’s work. Given that the story has a direct nexus back to Yale, I’m thinking it might give me an inside tract to that school and I also previously worked there—I’m hoping two things: one it resonates with Yale and two, it’s universal and portable enough to also provoke the remaining three schools—thoughts?