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  1. Yield in past years have already been close to 90 percent.
  2. D is doing a similar program (genomic science) at UW and loves it.
  3. Gerald brings real gravitas and explanation to the role of Indian Country and its juxtaposition to conservation topics.
  4. I would say in terms of overall programming and the other elements of the total Yale academic community -yes. But, Dorceta is the GOAT, and still has produced and continues to produce on the most seminal study on the topic. And I say this as someone who is double blue.
  5. Hmmmn, I can’t speak to every organization (I did previously work for Boston Consulting) but if you are coming out of undergrad, much of it is limited to the school you attended. Thus, places like Yale, Harvard, Princeton, MIT, Stanford, etc....are part of the usual suspects. More than a few of these are not STEM or from the business side; so there is an appreciable deference to the quality of the undergrad education.
  6. Hmmmn, divorced from their graduate programs—not sure about that at all. YLS , HLS, Harvard MBA, in short these represent the benchmark of their respective professional programs, and they are leagues ahead of most programs—this has little to do with undergraduate education.
  7. Both Bain and Boston are starting recently minted undergrads with comp at about 90kplus. Thus, within two-three years, six figures is an easy lift.
  8. While certainly cumbersome and probably not the most efficient, I doubt that these remotely approaches the threshold of being something that can be litigated.
  9. I suggest you take a close look at the recruiters and what placements look like: at the upper tier, Harvard and Princeton, whether it’s correct or not, have an outsized influence in many think tanks, foundations and larger non-profits.
  10. Former faculty at Yale SOM here , as you are well aware, this track is profoundly competitive-yield typically hovers around 90 percent, give or take a couple of ticks.
  11. Formerly taught at Yale SoM, the PhD track in business is notoriously tough generally speaking, and especially so at Yale. They are pretty neutral by conscription about backgrounds in investment as SoM was really the only Ivy b-school without an emphasis on finance/investment for a very long time, and in fact, was only within the last 35 years did it actually have a MBA program. If I’m correct they have north of 300 plus applicants for roughly made a dozen (could be a couple more) admissions.
  12. Ditto ditto to GSG. Not every institution and program is created equally—is it fair or even accurate—no—but it is the reality of the situation. The name of the institution will not carry you through your entire career, but a very small group of those on the tippy top, will allow you an entrance and an appreciable conversation to certain opportunities that most will not ever be able to entertain, this is especially true in the first five years of post-graduation. I mentioned earlier that the Jackson School at Yale, which is IR focused just got an internal infusion of 150 million, a significan
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