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  1. In all of my graduate and/or professional programs (three of them) there have been convicted felons (and a couple of them had their convictions erased and/or overturned along the way) ranging from serial bank robbers to manslaughter. All told, they added much to the program and a rare and unique perspective, often vastly different from the persnickety affectations of an Ivy/elite education. Several of whom I was actually pretty tight with and they had unusual close relationships—for instance the bank robber was very close to a former NYC police detective and a night out with those two always resulted in the missing of any morning classes. Perhaps my take is different than others, but being a man of color who grew up in a rough public housing, they often times more resembled my own upbringing and an actually a respite from the tight formulations and attitudes of academia. Finally, for me, what is the purpose of a stint in a correctional institution if not to correct and rehabilitate and offer the chance to move-on. This in and itself speaks to some of the institutional bias that we are grappling with as a nation...
  2. Post was five years ago, not likely that the person will respond.
  3. Glad to see you are enlightened and cognizant of the profound historical vitriol and public policy that dictated this long awaited change....nothing like the premium of expediency and brevity to trump over being on the right side of history.
  4. WWS....there is a very good reason why their name was changed—Princeton School of Public and International Affairs.
  5. Depending on what you might be involved with, and I catch that it is bio-engineering, there might be some legitimate risk management issues. D did a PhD in computational biology and was required to do random tests because of the subject matter.
  6. Well, money is one thing, although I knowthen maximum you can receive for a GI Bill, is 2.5 to 3 years.. The other, and just important, is what do you want to do with the PhD...if it’s academia, it is still a red flag.
  7. If it’s not fully funded, that is a huge red flag....
  8. Applying to law school is not the time to be shady....and they require all grades.
  9. First thing, and depending on whether you are making application to say a T14 school, is being readily employable.
  10. And my point to all that, is to encourage their application as it adds much to the education/cohorts, not dissuade their interest as they are not part of the cool GPA club. I got two degrees from Yale, and well, it may profoundly disappoint you, but I don’t have a 4.0 Frankly, this over valuing and emphasizing GPA is at once provincial and both historically and institutionally antiquated. Most of the students admitted will be admitted via usual routes (e.g. high grades and scores) , but as the poster specifically mentions, he is looking at mid-career programs, and accordingly, they will give his/her application its due justice and review.
  11. Sir, while. JD is a professional degree it is still a doctorate and should be afforded some of the same deference and distinction you are lending to a PhD. Whether you accept my actual insight on being on an admission committee is solely your prerogative.
  12. Grades are important out of undergrad because you have really have other insert to evaluate the candidate. The process of admission is to identify candidates that have both an interest and an aptitude to succeed during graduate school. In his specific situation, as he mentions, his LLM, which is basically a legal post doctorate, which less than 1 percent of all law graduates will ever obtain, he did it with straight As. In short, it shows he is capable of very high level academic work. One of the current deliberations of ad-coms is to parse down and see in-between the lines where the applicants ability and capacity reside, and that is not merely contained in a stellar GPA.
  13. You are fine. I’ve been on admissions committees and by and large, given the other degrees you have, they are placed in appropriate context. The committee knows evaluating you juxtaposed against someone just graduating or even 2-3 years out of undergrad is not a similar or analogous comparison. You career and the previous degrees you hold will be primary factors. And there are specific mid career programs in which the criteria I just mentioned are pretty much the standard versus the exception. By way of specific example, at the Yale School of Forestry (I consider this public policy with a specific area interest) they have such a program, and one of friends in his mid 40s has an almost identical background to you and he had no problem gaining admission.
  14. Sort of a revenue stream, but moreover it’s how many professors pad their salary. In fact, many have certain assurances that they will being instructors for executive education, with a fairly typical compensation of 5-10k, per day. I’ve seen arrangements where faculty were guaranteed 10-15 of these gigs annually.
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