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  1. Boolakanaka

    Do I stand chance? (switching fields & nervous)

    The two programs that immediately come to mind are Columbia and U of Chicago, but this is not my area and more versed folks could provide better counsel....
  2. Boolakanaka

    Liberty University PhD

    @LongTimeStudent Alas, challenging compared to what? From my perspective the first level of comparison is relative to the top ranked public policy programs. Merely purview the curriculum and faculty from from a sample of the top programs and any fair minded and objective person, especially one involved in the academy and scholarship, would say there is vast gulf between Liberty and the top programs....see:https://gspp.berkeley.edu/programs/doctoral-program-phd and https://sanford.duke.edu/academics/phd and http://fordschool.umich.edu/phd Never mind placement, research and endowment figures....
  3. Boolakanaka

    I failed my thesis.

    Life is not all support and adulation. Moreover, we are all required to take a very thorough, non-nostalgic and blunt inventory on the things we think support us on our path. Sometimes, those items/activities become obsolete and no longer serve their original purpose. That said, when folks congratulated and supported you in the past, it was accepted without reservation and there was no question as to how much they actually knew you, or whether they operated from a place of objectivity—it was merely happily accepted. My point being, is that it is all of our responsibility, to be at times, economical on what we share on this site, and further, to exercise a modicum of reservation, caution and editorial self-esteem, in receiving both good and negative responses; that is to say, no what matter where they are on the spectrum, they all should be taken with a grain of salt.
  4. Boolakanaka

    Northwestern vs NYU vs USC? Summer/Fall 2015

    I’m not sure you should expect a response from a post over four years old....
  5. Boolakanaka

    PhD Advice for next year?

    I have to say I was taken back by this rather sweeping generalization and conflation that because one works there is somehow a space to rationalize that less than stellar grades are not just OK, but somehow a curated outcome. Further, this assertion that folks who do have money or support are the ones that are leading the pack academically —that borders on a pithy trope—but moreover just not accurate, Excuse me if I come off a tad tart or terse on this topic, but I’m a old school cat, well past the prime of life, (mid 50s) and for every degree I received, and there are many (BA, JD, LLM, MA) I always worked—there was just no way about going at it, than having to study and work at the same time. The struggle is real, but not uncommon or particularly rare just to you young fella...
  6. Boolakanaka

    PhD Advice for next year?

    @wilsonrgI suggest you look at the breath and content of many many of his past posts, it’s both extensive and highly comprehensive and accurate on the topic of the study of theology/religion. As well, look at the institutions at which he matriculated—equally impressive—in total, all of it speaks for itself. But, please do what you think is appropriate it with the information.
  7. Boolakanaka

    PhD Advice for next year?

    @wilsonrg With all due respect, xypathos is not only very respected on the board, but moreover and to the more germane point, his response provided answers that were spot on and lucid. Perhaps it was not in the tone or inflection you desired, they were nonetheless entirely accurate. A tad bit of advice and counsel, the academy is a long arduous road, filled with much more disappointment than success, and if this blunt but totally on point assessment already rankles you, perhaps you need to rethink your attitude as you go down this incredibly long path....
  8. Boolakanaka

    Applications 2019

    @psstein With all due respect, I don’t know any Penn law graduates who are not just employed, but gainfully employed. Recent employment statistics to Penn Law, prove me out—https://www.law.upenn.edu/careers/employment-statistics.php in short, it’s not just a T14 law school, but it’s typical and historically within the top 6 or 7 law schools in the nation. I would go as far to say, that Penn graduates not just have job prospects, but multiple lucrative ones.....
  9. Boolakanaka

    Applications 2019

    @Dark PaladinIf you are interested in Native issues, I would go with Yale, as Ned Blackhawk is one of the leading native scholars in this area....
  10. Boolakanaka

    New York, NY

    Use streeteasy.com
  11. Boolakanaka

    Kiddie Tax on Grad Fellowship Help!

  12. Boolakanaka

    Another 'too old' thread... Apologies

    It’s interesting, I had a friend, at a similar age, decided to uproot his established legal career and did in fact enter a PhD program in his mid thirties. He never did pursue an academic position, but strangely enough was recruited by several VC firms, and did that for about 4-5 years (and presumably made a wheelbarrow full of money) and now is at the head of a large philanthropic concern. What starkly comes to mind in potential differences: he already had an appreciable skill set and had some money saved; he was a Yale Law graduate, and I think, he always knew he could fall back in practicing law again, and he never intended in pursuing anything related to a career in the academy.
  13. Boolakanaka

    2019 MDiv MTS MA Applications

    From an affordability level New Haven, is much cheaper to both live and navigate than Boston. I actually prefer New Haven over Boston, especially if you are going to have to live, say 30-40 minutes away. At YDS, it’s very conceivable that you might be just blocks away from the school ....
  14. Boolakanaka


    Yup.....I second that—see:https://poetsandquants.com/2018/04/12/average-gre-scores-for-top-mba-programs/
  15. Boolakanaka

    best US cities without a car

    BTW, Portland is older than San Francisco and has much better comprehensive both public transportation and bike lanes....

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