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  1. Goldman is well thought of—and has fairly robust recruitment and placement. But like anything else, it depends on your focus area.
  2. The ones that come to mind are Stanford, Harvard, CMU, CAL, Udub....daughter is going to Udub.
  3. This is anecdotal, but I have heard (and these are in other disciplines and programs than religion) that many top tier programs, say like Harvard Kennedy School, because of such unprecedented low yields have gone to a third waitlist to pull folks into admission. So, you never know during this uncertain times...
  4. Yup. Harvard has over marketed itself, and thus programs like HKS are now going to be in an acute financial situation for at least the next 2-3 years. The programs that are more nimble and have existing resources will now claim those pieces in which HKS was dominant. Make no mistake about it, HKS is sort of already heavily leveraged, and it’s not like we are talking about a grad operation with well a balanced and deep endowment, e.g. for instance like Yale Law School , many do not realize YLS has a distinct endowment that supports under 700 students in a school year, the amount of this endowment, over a billion , yes, over a billion supporting just 650 students or so....sheeeesh!
  5. Yup. I had two two folks that work for me that were going to do an executive training, one at Stanford and the other at Yale, both were intensive 7-8 day course, at roughly 10k plus. Despite the pleas of the schools to still enroll my staff (albeit at a slight discount) I’m passing....
  6. I would say it’s telling from an institutional basis they are pulling in former applicants that were declined, and then placed into waitlist status, and then ultimately accepted, but with no FA. Sort of obvious, people are either declining and/or deferring for the upcoming academic year, and that the institution is trying to cover bills.
  7. I would say, place it in appropriate context. When my pops was your age, he was a young man of color, living in Jim Crow, and then did several gruesome tours of Vietnam. His life was never the same, he returned to social unrest, not just from a generation and cultural basis, but also the color of his skin. You have much to be thankful for....
  8. I would qualify that top B schools command more salary than those with MPP/MPAs, as their curriculum is much more quant oriented, starting salaries reflect that as well...
  9. Can I ask where you got that 150k figure? I formerly was at Boston Consulting and have a good grasp of peer entities and know of potentially 2-3 groups, eg McKinsey and Boston, that have salaries north of 140k, most are under 150.
  10. If you have the resources and the ability to pay full retail-sure. But if you have to borrow the money, we are about to all go into a global recession (also limiting and shrinking career options) and it would not be the most fiscally astute decision.
  11. A couple of items: The total resources of Yale, on a per capita basis, are unmatched—period. YLS (arguably the top law school in the world.) and SOM are much more aligned to public policy than say a b-degree from Harvard, and in fact, SOM was not an mba program until fairly recently—for much of its existence it was thought of a cradle and incubator for executives to the non-profit world. Yale is 75-90 minutes to valuable internships in NYC. I know for fact, as I have associations with SOM and YLS that recruitment is never a problem, and that there are much more potential employers that come to campus than students—period. Smaller cohort classes always results in a more nuanced education, and is the reason why most folks prefer YLS to HLS.
  12. Whether you are paying full retail or have most of it covered via grants, one needs to seriously consider deferring for the year. First, does the institution allow such an action—and if so, will your FA package follow you to next academic year. I have a daughter about to enter a PhD program at one of the top programs in county in her area of interest, and she received a very generous package that included a living stipend that was just south of 40k annually. They have already contacted her that they may readjust the package if she is not on campus and living at home....my point is, there are many many moving parts that are up in the air, that may not be resolved until mid-summer.
  13. I have both degrees and work in public policy for over three decades (I lead my own consulting firm, but have also previously worked for several US Senators, US State Department, large law firms and consulting firms), and while I have done both, I would say for most, both degrees are usually superfluous. Few folks actually work in both areas, and thus it’s more economically efficient and prudent to choose the area in which you have the most interest and let your educational decisions symmetrically follow.
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