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  1. See:http://pfforphds.com/negotiating-phd-funding-offers-this-grad-student-did-it-successfully/ Also, I have personally seen it done across peer institutions...
  2. Yup, as I qualified the programs I personally have knowledge of, economics and law, might be a bit above the norm.....but I get your point.
  3. @bayessays Now, this is specific to Yale and some of the programs I know about, but for the PhD in Law, my offered stipend was in excess of 50k and that was several years ago. Also, I know in several departments where the current annual stipend is a shade under 38k. Obviously, at 38k in New Haven you have a fair amount of purchase power....
  4. Oh for those who were applicants at UiUC and the Surge Fellowship, D received an offer late this week.
  5. Also notifications from Yale should be coming out in the next couple of days. D got an admit this morning from the PhD in comp-bio this morning.
  6. @thelilypad I’ll ask her and see if she knows. I do know that the only other places she has received official admission information is UIC, but she had/has interview weekend visits with Yale, U of Washington, and Duke. I’ll post once she gets back to me.
  7. For those folks who applied to Harvard, notifications of admission are coming out today and in the preceding days, as D just found out she was admitted this afternoon.
  8. Also Harvard Bio-Stats were making calls this morning for visits on Jan 24-25...
  9. Also, she has additional interview/invites from Duke, UW, U of I, and UCSD.
  10. D heard back earlier this week for an interview in late January early Feb.
  11. Yale SOM and Jackson would fit the bill.
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