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  1. To clarify: is the PhD also in law (only a handful of schools have a PhD in law) or in a separate topic?
  2. Was faced with same situation as to law and medical school. One, I would not ask for an earlier decision, as it’s just not appropriate. Two, you might have to make hard decisions as to what schools you both obtain admission. In my situation, while we did obtain admissions to schools in the relative same location, one of us decided to defer as it was too much a drop-off as the other person had been admitted to one of their premier schools in the field.
  3. You might be in the wrong section. This is governmental affairs, there is a specific section for CS.
  4. And to add to this, at least on the undergraduate level, where much of the endowment is focused on, many assume that the cost of instruction is directly parallel to the cost of tuition—it is not. I haven’t looked at the figures recently, but there is a differential of about $20,000 (that is to say, it costs about 20k more than the list price) last I looked several years ago.
  5. Boolakanaka


    You are much better off checking the board at top law schools.com for such specific information.
  6. Don’t feed trolls. They have a unique combination of being generally attention needy and ubiquitously putative.
  7. Oh lord no. I’m double blue.
  8. As GSG has aptly placed it, and much more diplomatically than myself, but chill. This going forward is a brand new world, where thought and reliance on how the process previously occurred will at best be fraught with peril, and at worse an entirely inaccurate reflection on how things will now be or how you wish them to be....
  9. Quick Q: all really solid programs and you have a legit opportunity, but why no U of Washington?
  10. On the other hand, your rather short history here of 32 posts and 16 thumbs down is impressive and reaching epic status.
  11. No problems. While you certainly should and can exercise your own voice to this rather played out subject, your continued and prolonged announcements on the lost of youth now border on fetishism. Not exactly the look one would like to present during the start of their graduate education.
  12. Lord. Perhaps what you are in search of is not the counsel from seasoned adults that have traveled the maze of academia, but rather reputable Montessori programs as this adherence to your former period of life, e.g. youth, is your major preoccupation?
  13. Only 24 posts and 8 thumb downs, quickly accelerating towards territory known as being the province of a troll.
  14. Now, you are being provocative for the sake of being provocative, and actively losing any sense of being serious on this board. Of course it’s not the same, there are entire systems of HR as well as academic integrity that institutionally prohibit such practice.
  15. If you don’t see an issue: one, why ask? Two, you probably asked as there is some some internal suspicion, albeit small, that there is something janky about all this. Three, while you have full personal autonomy to make such a decision, don’t think there might be some institutional and peer blowback. Four, the fact you are fairly resistant to any of the counsel gracious provided, is telling.
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