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  1. I was talking about Masters interviews, not PhD, haven't gotten an interview but I also have no idea if I was meant to or not:) Best of luck to you!
  2. Oh that's so cool! And I'm not sure, I haven't gotten any notice about an interview. I was worried about it because I saw on GradCafe that previous applicants did have an interview and they completed the interview process in December, so I thought I might have done something wrong. If you haven't heard anything either then I think we're good! YSE either got rid of the interview component or we'll get it later on.
  3. Hey everyone! @ryan.nil @MysteriousCong I'm applying to Yale's YSE MEM, UCSB's MESM program at the Bren School, University of Miami's Environment, Culture, & Media (ECM) Program! @MysteriousCong Wow January is so close! I'm applying for a masters so I hear back in March. What programs are you applying to! @ryan.nil Looks like we both applied to YSE! My focus is in environmental communications, how about you?
  4. Hey ya'll! Submitted my applications for Env. Management programs. How's everyone feeling and what schools did you apply to? I can't wait to hear back already but it's so far in the future
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