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  1. Howdy everyone, I'm enrolled in an accelerated master's program for Economics, starting my first graduate courses Fall 2021 (12 credit hours 21-22). I'm hoping to transfer to another university to finish the rest my master's. Does anyone know of any universities that would accept graduate courses for transfer, even when those courses already applied to undergrad? If not, any suggestions on where/how to search?
  2. Selected for Russian! Congrats to everyone who was awarded, and best of luck to alternates and non-recipients on their next applications!
  3. I seriously doubt the program will be on-site this year. Considering vaccine distribution here and in host countries, the number of host families that could be exposed, and the spaces required for teaching make me think it's going online. CLS might try to plan for in-person learning, but I think they'll be working on their online curriculum as well.
  4. I haven't heard anything yet for Russian! I'm expecting them to come out Tuesday. Best of luck to everyone!!
  5. thanks so much, I totally missed that! I really appreciate that you've compiled all that information into one space.
  6. Hey everyone! I checked this forum while waiting for CLS results, and I figured I'd make an account. I'm a CLS Russian semifinalist and am accepted into Middlebury Italian and Spanish. Does anyone know when CLS usually send out the final notifications? Also, has anyone here applied to ASU's Critical Language Institute? I'm finishing up my application sometime this week.
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