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  1. Wow! Unfortunate that your experience was a little stunted, but definitely lucky that you got to actually go! I improved a lot from my zoom sessions, but I imagine it would have been a much better experience to go in-person. Hopefully more sites get to actually host students this year!
  2. Nice! Were you not at the Gwangju site last summer then? If I recall correctly students at that site went in-person.
  3. I haven't seen any unfortunately, I've only seen information about how many sites were available per language. Honestly I didn't really get an impression of some languages being more competitive than others, so I can't really say. Last summer Japanese only had one program site, meaning it was probably a bit more competitive than some others. We don't know how many sites they'll have this year, though, so there's really no way to say. Hopefully you'll get good news in January!
  4. Yeah, students agree not to speak any English with program people for the duration of the summer. Normally when students go abroad there's no English whatsoever, but for the online program they expect you'll need English for, you know, living in the US. It was tough for me to balance all the expectations of the essays as well- hopefully the readers can tell that we had more to say! It sounds like you got a lot of feedback, so I think you'll be fine:)
  5. Best of luck to you, let me know what you hear in January! As for alternatives, I've applied for Middlebury's summer language intensive, and I'm applying for ASU's Critical Language Institute soon. CLI tends to be a little more affordable than Middlebury, but I'm fairly certain CLI is online. I'll look into those summer intensives too! Hopefully we both get that sweet CLS free ride, though
  6. We didn't get host families officially, but my language partner introduced me to several of her family members and friends, so I did have opportunities to connect with people! The essays definitely are a bit of a challenge, even after writing them once. There's so much to say and so little space to say it. It sounds like you were careful with your planning, though, so I'm sure you wrote some great stuff! Hopefully you get it- be sure to let me know about semifinals in January! Hoping for good news for all of us!
  7. Honestly, I'd say it's worth it! I did CLS Russian online last summer and it was really worthwhile. I improved by two or three ACFTL OPI levels and my cohort was really fun. Plus, there are some pretty nice perks for alumni, including job sites and networking opportunities. Unless you're offered a program for Japanese going in-person, I'd still do the online CLS Japanese. Have you submitted your application yet?
  8. Yeah, it's been unexpectedly quiet. Maybe there is a duplicate somewhere with more replies. Regardless, I hope it goes well for you! The grant I applied for was brand new, so I have no way to gauge the competition for it. It was my first Fulbright application, so pretty daunting, but I felt okay about my submission. Let me know how it goes when they announce semifinalists in January!
  9. Exciting! This is the last year I'm eligible too, and I'm applying for advanced (maybe intermediate) Russian. I hope that you two are able to go in-person, because I'm pretty doubtful Russian will go abroad based on the pandemic situation. Best of luck to you guys!! Let me know how it goes when we hear about semifinalists in January!
  10. Hi everyone, sincere apologies if I've made a duplicate thread! I don't think I saw any other threads on this season's Fulbright, and I thought it'd be nice to connect and discuss. Where are you all applying? Open grants or specific grants?
  11. Hey everyone! The first thread I followed on GradCafe was the CLS 2021 applicants page, so hello again to anyone from there! Who's thinking of applying now, and for what languages? I'll be reapplying for Russian, any thoughts on being sent abroad? I know the Korean students this past summer were able to go, but I'm not holding my breath that Russian students will go this upcoming summer.
  12. Howdy everyone, I'm enrolled in an accelerated master's program for Economics, starting my first graduate courses Fall 2021 (12 credit hours 21-22). I'm hoping to transfer to another university to finish the rest my master's. Does anyone know of any universities that would accept graduate courses for transfer, even when those courses already applied to undergrad? If not, any suggestions on where/how to search?
  13. Selected for Russian! Congrats to everyone who was awarded, and best of luck to alternates and non-recipients on their next applications!
  14. I seriously doubt the program will be on-site this year. Considering vaccine distribution here and in host countries, the number of host families that could be exposed, and the spaces required for teaching make me think it's going online. CLS might try to plan for in-person learning, but I think they'll be working on their online curriculum as well.
  15. I haven't heard anything yet for Russian! I'm expecting them to come out Tuesday. Best of luck to everyone!!
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