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I'm looking at off-campus housing for OSU, and I'm wondering if there's a list that someone can give me of my options. I'm interested in either a studio or a one-bedroom apartment that is furnished and includes a washer/dryer. 

If anyone can give me any advice, that'd be great.

Also, I've been looking at the housing on campus in the Gateway apartments. The price is great, and it includes everything I need. It's right on campus too, so that's perfect. Does anyone who has lived there have any thoughts on it? What was your experience living there?

Any info on housing will be appreciated!

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Whoops I sent you a DM after reading your acceptance post, before I saw this! The gateway apts are pretty new. I knew someone who lived there and it was really nice on the inside, although I thought his roommate situation was weird (separate bedrooms with private bathrooms but shared common area/kitchen, also roommate was a complete stranger, kind of like a dorm lottery. this was in 2016 and i'm not sure they were specifically graduate apartments at that point. things have probably changed.)

The gateway theater across the street is the best movie theater I have ever been to. They screen a lot of small indie, sundance, and local films, as well as the big box office money-makers. That would probably, to me, be the best part of living there, as well as being walking distance to good ol' denney hall. Lots of things I personally enjoyed are within walking distance (Yaos, Nile Vegan, The Bottle Shop). In general you can walk to a ton of restaurants and bars. You can also conveniently take the bus up or down High st.

N. High st is, without a doubt, the busiest street in Cbus. Vehicle-wise and pedestrian. If you have an apt that faces high st, be prepared for lots of light and noise pollution. E 11th Ave all the way north to Lane is like college party central. Saturdays during football season are going to be a sea of drunk people in red. I don't know if you know about OSU's football fever. If you like football and partying, this is probably a plus for you. If you want a quieter area, this is not it. It does get eerily quiet when students leave for summer, though.

The rental market here sets it clock by the influx of students. I think May and August are when most places are looking for new renters. Probably a lot of new listings will pop up closer to May. Of course, I also think the rental companies who prey on students are kind of sketchy. Just anecdotally,  I've been to 3 apt showings that were literal trap houses, and the person showing the place didn't care that there were still burn holes everywhere and tin foil taped up on the walls. They know some desperate student will rent it.

All in all, gateway is probably a good place to live (at least for the first year) if you can handle how busy the area is. You will totally get the immersive OSU experience.

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