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  1. In just over a month I'll be taking a two week trip to Europe! I'm very excited for that. Currently I'm a manager at a campus bookstore so I'll be doing that probably until the beginning of August. I'm hoping to start doing some reading and writing, and I started to work on a paper that will be comparing Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury to Martin Mcdonagh's The Beauty Queen of Leenane. I'm also signing up for a beginners Irish course! I'm just so excited to know I'm going back to school after taking a gap year. I'm really excited to be able to teach some sections of freshman writing as well as get back into my studies.
  2. You're welcome! My sister actually commutes from my house to Hartford (she works at an accounting firm) and she says it's really not that bad. She says on an average day with no accidents, it takes maybe about an extra 15 minutes with the traffic. We live about 45 minutes away so this puts her at just over an hour for her commute. I think it really depends on your comfort level with driving in congested areas, but it's nowhere near as horrid as dc conditions, haha.
  3. @StamfordCat so really it depends. The Hartford traffic isn't ~quite~ as bad as DC sounds. Hartford is really about a 40 minute drive from storrs campus on a typical day with average traffic. Since most people are heading towards Hartford in the morning, it would probably not be too traffic heavy, just the usual traffic for a morning. Your way back in from storrs, however, would most likely not be fun. The traffic gets very very crazy around 3:30-6:30, as so many people are going in and out. Then it can take a long time to get home, especially if you need to go over any of the bridges back into Hartford. Hartford is still a pretty nice area and has a lot to do, but personally I hate traffic and Hartford is known for awful traffic. Manchester is still more of a city than storrs, but the commute is much better. It's about 30 minutes to storrs, and you miss the majority of the traffic within Hartford. Manchester is also only 15 minutes or so from Hartford, so you'll have plenty to do around you. However, I would say if you are looking for a nicer apartment, you'd probably have better luck in the Hartford area. Manchester does have some nice ones as well but not as much selection as Hartford. It isn't impossible though! Many people do commute from where I live (near storrs) to Hartford and while I myself didn't like doing it, it probably wouldn't be as bad if you're used to driving in it.
  4. Yes definitely! So for restaurants it really depends what you like. My favorite around here is Chuck's margaritaville and steak house. It has Mexican/steakhouse food and it is awesome! There are also some good ones on campus as well. My favorite pizza place on campus is husky pizza. A nicer restaurant just a bit off of campus is red rock. For towns, there's not too much worth seeing outside of Mansfield. If you're in Manchester, Manchester has a whole bunch of good places. Maggie McFlys and artisanal burger company in Manchester are awesome! As for parks, Mansfield hollow is a nice walking trail area right down the road from campus for Manchester, there's wickham park which is beautiful. West Hartford is near Manchester and they are the place to go if you're looking for something a little more upscale. They have a plaza called blueback square which has a ton of boutique shops and amazing restaurants. They are a little pricier but not unreasonably so. Really Manchester and Hartford are the go to areas, they definitely have the most stuff to do. However there are definitely some good spots in storrs/ Mansfield as well.
  5. You're welcome! Any more questions feel free to ask
  6. Manchester area is pretty nice! It can get a bit pricey sometimes depending where you are. That would be much closer to Uconn health. I would also suggest looking into Columbia, Andover, or Hebron areas as they're a bit more rural and tend to be cheaper. Those are fairly in between the two. However, I'd probably recommend Manchester because while the drive from Manchester to Uconn and vice versa isn't terrible, the ride to Uconn health is bad and very traffic heavy. It'd be easier to live closer to Uconn health to save time and stress and just deal with the 30-35 minute commute to Storrs.
  7. Just accepted my offer to Uconn! For anybody with questions about the Storrs area, PM me! I've lived here my whole life and did my undergrad at Uconn as well.
  8. Thanks! It's a great funding package so I'm pretty excited
  9. Finally got an email back from BU saying that more people accepted than normal. Said they will be pulling from waitlist but possibly only one spot. They also said there are a few people they'd most likely pull before me (ouch), and said they'd keep in touch.
  10. I just turned down the GA ship! I really hope whoever's next gets their day made the program seems nice and everyone seems so friendly and lovely. Good luck to all!
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