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  1. So I went to the BU visit on Friday, and I did reiterate my interest that they are my top choice while I was there. However, there's quite a few people on the waitlist and there were a few people with similar interests to mine. Should I email this week to follow up and reassure them that this was my top choice and I would immediately accept if offered a spot? I'm really stressed about moving off the waitlist and don't want to hurt my chances.
  2. cassidyaxx

    2019 Applicants

    Gradcafe is a wonderful place, y'all. I had the BU visit yesterday and I was super nervous for it to be full of forced interaction. But as soon as I got there, so many people recognized eachother from GC!!! It was so amazing and so nice to talk about things we've discussed on here in person. It was also nice to discuss how we thought the visit was going when there were no faculty or grad students around. I also am feeling a little more positive about the waitlist and am desperately hoping to move off of it! Good luck everybody!
  3. Unfortunately I feel like even after the visits, people trying to make decisions may also still be on waitlists. I hope some movement does happen but I know in reality I'll probably be waiting til April 15th
  4. I'm trying not to stay too hopeful, at least not until the visit is over. I don't want to be disappointed if I don't actually move off of the waitlist 😕 definitely fingers crossed tho!
  5. Is anybody else just waiting on visit weekends to be over so there can be some movement on waitlists? Just me? April 15th cannot come soon enough! Then I can stop constantly jumping at my phone when I get an email just to see it's another coupon from dominos
  6. cassidyaxx

    Portland, OR

    Not sure how many people are actually reading this thread, but I've been accepted into Portland state and I may be moving there. I plan to move there with my partner, and we'd like to live close to downtown or near to public transit. We were thinking about getting a two bedroom and splitting the cost with a roommate or another couple! If anyone reading this is also moving and is in need of some roommates and is looking to spend around $1000 a month please let me know through PM's! Our ideal budget would be $1200 a month max. I haven't decided yet since I am waiting to hear decisions from some schools but figured I'd get a head start searching just in case.
  7. cassidyaxx

    2019 Applicants

    The fact that every year there are problems with their process of rejections makes me feel a lot better that I was rejected lol
  8. cassidyaxx

    2019 Applicants

    Accurate!!! Pleaseure 😂
  9. cassidyaxx

    2019 Applicants

    Finally got that uoregon rejection today.
  10. cassidyaxx

    Storrs, CT

    Don't know if this is too late, but I live 20 min from Uconn and just finished my undergrad there in May! I've lived here my entire life. If you have any questions feel free to pm me!
  11. cassidyaxx

    2019 Applicants

    Well, even though it's probably bad news, thanks for the info! I won't hold out hope.
  12. cassidyaxx

    2019 Applicants

    I haven't heard anything yet, but I'm on the waitlist for the MA so I'm not sure if I would hear anything. My POI is my advisor from undergrad and she hasn't mentioned anything about a campus visit.
  13. cassidyaxx

    2019 Acceptances

    So SO excited for you!!
  14. cassidyaxx

    2019 Applicants

    I'll hope for us both! I'd be so elated
  15. cassidyaxx

    2019 Applicants

    Wishing you luck!! Hope you hear great news on Friday

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