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  1. Nope! I sent an email to DGS but no response yet. I’m a bit worried....
  2. Yea definitely after the move for me too. But I am looking at the 15 inch Cambridge Satchel in Oxblood
  3. Email sent! And will do. I feel like i’m going to throw up now!
  4. I’m about to just bite the bullet and email Emory. They are my only application left pending. 😭 I shouldn’t be surprised by thier long response time though. I applied in 2018 and didn’t get a rejection till April.
  5. This is random but I am from the deep south and talking to departments that are definitely not in the deep is jarring. 😭 I suddenly feel very self-conscious of my voice and speech patterns.
  6. yea, you’re right. i was just rambling a lot of nonsense! i have a skewed perspective because i am very specific and have a distinct scholarly goal. And committees were “impressed” by the tangible the goal was. So maybe I assumed that that is what committees are starting to want. I put impressed in quotes because it wasn’t that impressive. I just talk too much.
  7. ...i’m really sad & don’t know what to do with myself. what even is this?! why am i putting it here?

    i dont feel good & i wish i had someone to talk to about all of this grad school stuff. but i feel really alone and like no one likes me.

    and that i can’t really reach out because no one ever will like me no or even want to talk about grad school 


    Edit——im watching divorce court and maybe i’m just leaching off the emotions 

    1. nęm0


      Go watch something else then? Impractical joker is good

    2. missmarianne


      Here to listen if you want to talk about anything. Hope you're feeling better, though.


  8. I don’t know about “better,” but I forsee a shift in the admissions process that will probably remain permanent. I think admissions will continue limited admissions but will begin prioritizing academy trends rather than pure potential. And by trends, I mean that committees are going to want hyper specific things from potential scholars. Its just that the academy has known for a long time that they are producing more phds than their are jobs. And for years, there has been a moral debate on whether or not accepting students is the right thing to do. Universities have been very afraid of ov
  9. I’m in at Fordham! Though I am very confused by the funding.
  10. There’s one university that does not have anyone in my subfield! But after looking at their student placements, I found that they have produced a few dissertations within the field. I took it as a sign that the department was interested in the field and had a bit of experience. I’m hesitant to make a decision until I actually speak to someone. And I am very concerned about the potential lack of support. But if it helps anyone, try looking into and reading a few dissertations from recent graduates. See if any are in the subfield. And when meeting department talk about that projec
  11. Wait? You can do that? You can actually ask for a rank increase. (and yes, I do have an MA)
  12. This is difficult for me too! But I’m considering finances. I currently have two acceptances. One has incredible prestige and is highly ranked but the stipend is decent. Still the town is great, the faculty is wonderful, and its a great fit. It was actually my top choice! The other program is less highly ranked but has a higher stipend and awarded me an additional diversity scholarship/fellowship. So now, this school is offering almost $10k more than than what the other university is offering (22k vs 31k). This school is also only 4 hours from my current location while the highly ra
  13. I can see why it is a bit rude. There’s very little consideration for the applicant and their materials. And the entire focus is instead on the committee themselves and thier rather defensive and distant perspective. This letter talks way more about themselves than they do the applicant in particular and yet (!) I don’t even know if this if from the english department? Not to say that a self centered approach is *wrong,* but in a rejection letter, it’s probably not the best time. This letter also seems incredibly generic and its 2021?! This is one of the first application cycles of its ki
  14. I’m just venting but it’s really hard to make a decision when your parents don’t really want you to go. I’m from the deep south and there aren’t any strong programs within a 6 hour radius. And the ones who have accepted me are a good 10 hours away. Its not like she’s being really nasty and she won’t go out of her way to stop me. Its just frustrating to get an acceptance and hear, “is there anything closer?” or “can you do it from home?” Idk, i’m justifying venting but I don’t feel any real excitement about any of these decisions anymore. Even though I should.
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