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  1. Just in case any of those who have been offered funding by Temple Eng. Dept and still have not accepted the offer is reading me, I would really appreciate that you decline the TA as soon as possible if you do not intend to attend. I am in a crossroads at the moment and I might lose the opportunity to start pursuing the PhD next Fall if any of you declines on 15th April or around that date. So please, try to be respectful in this sense (and same to any of those who don't really want to go to an institution but remain undecided. Your rejection might be very valuable for others). Btw, @cassi
  2. This information is REALLY useful, thank you so much! Will keep it in mind 😊 Sounds like a wise thing to build your resume while you're getting your PhD... Gotcha! And thank you for the good wishes 🤞
  3. Hello there! The title is pretty self-explanatory, but apparently there's a high chance that I might be offered a TA to pursue a Spanish MA and I would really appreciate some advice. My plans at the moment were to directly pursue either an English or Comp. Lit. PhD, but I have been shut out by all the universities I applied to this Fall except the one that is offering me the TA (which has also waitlisted me for their English PhD). I don't know yet what's going to happen regarding the waitlist, but I would be okay with either transferring from one dept. to the other whenever I get the Span
  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS. Several things have kept me from answering to your message but I certainly appreciate all of the info you have provided me with. When you are an international student applying for PhDs in a country different from yours is difficult to be aware of this kind of stuff. I will do some research before accepting Temple's offer (if I finally get one) to be sure that I am ok with the possible professional outcomes of this doctoral degree. One last questions, just in hopes you could help: what about pursuing a professional career with an English PhD outside of academia?
  5. I have a question regarding this quote. The program which is my top choice is Temple U English PhD but this institution is not in the Top 100 of the country according to USRanking and the English PhD is 64th according to the same website, which makes it not highly ranked either. However, as you might have read in a previous message, there are several other variables (vibes about the department, funding, place/resources, weather, etc.) which are more than positive. Only real inconvenience is that I have no way of meeting possible advisors before starting the program, I would choose them while
  6. Thanks for the info about the tuition, but regarding the second half of your message, in my experience numbeo is not the panacea... I also used it back in the day but ended up discarding it. Guess I would contact people that are living there at the moment if I need to. Gotta say that living in a one-bedroom apartment is almost a luxury in any large city though.
  7. For me Toronto would be sold lmao If worst comes to worst and I have to reapply next year, I will definitely make it one of my options! Only one question: don't they offer full tuition remission for PhD students?
  8. I am so sorry to read this Kim and I can definitely empathize with your situation. I wish you the best of lucks next cycle and encourage you to invest the rest of the year in publishing articles, presenting papers in conferences, etc. to increase your possibilities of being accepted next round! Don't feel like this is your fault at all. We're possibly going through the hardest application cycle since 2008 or so
  9. I still think it's too soon to ask any university to give real updates, but I am glad you got some valuable intel on your situation. I have the feeling things are going to start moving for real from the beginning of April onwards and that it will be very fast. Before that time, I think we should try to keep ourselves as distracted as possible (in the healthiest ways 😉😂).
  10. There have been a ton of messages from people that know way better than me about a situation of this sort (and I am really happy for those who managed to be close to their dear ones who were ill/ended up passing away because they made the 'right choice'). However, I'd like to share something that I have been thinking about a lot lately. Your dream school might not be the school for you. I don't say this regarding any characteristic of UW in particular — according to your first message, the program and faculty are great and two of the most important reasons why you want to go there. Howeve
  11. Have you tried contacting them to know about your situation regarding that list? That would probably help you ease your mind a little bit. Best of lucks for you! No worries! I just guessed it was that way and asked out of curiosity 😉
  12. I am curious: according to your profile, you are already attending a PhD program (correct me if I am wrong, maybe it's a MA). I wanted to ask you, in case you have experience about this, if you found any trouble at the time of applying for other PhDs when alreadly enrolled in one. Btw, it's already 16th of March and I'M NERVOUS. Hang in there everyone, the countdown has already begun!
  13. I mean, the rejection in the results page is definitely not mine, but I received a pretty standard rejection letter (although it is way nicer that some I have seen around here): "Dear ..., Thank you for your application to the University of Washington Graduate School. I am sorry to inform you that your application was not among the few that were selected for admission. The number and quality of graduate applicants to the University of Washington are extraordinary, and these difficult decisions are made after careful consideration of all applicants. In many cases, enrollment
  14. I got an email, yep, but I guess you might have some new info in your application portal if you check it.
  15. I got a rejection from UW today. Kinda saw it coming but I remained hopeful until the last moment. Well, I hope you were all luckier than me! 🤞💖
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