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  1. Only you can make the best out of both situations! May our phd journey be fun and fruitful!
  2. The program only funds 1st and 4th year. I think The rest is by the lab.
  3. I think the funding with the UIC GEMS is a bit iffy. But if they are about the same, UIC offers a large variety of research. Living in Chicago vs Providence is also something to take into account. Prestige wise: it doesnt matter, UIC is holding its own against Uchicago and Northwestern.
  4. I got into my program!! Peace out!
  5. If you not going to do anything with it, then you dont need it. People have been saying that there is an increase in application based on proffessors mentioning increase applications on twitter. Some schools have mentioned the amount of people who applied in the rejection/acceptance letter. If you are curious about a school, you should email them. I suggest that you DONT try to use these numbers to justfiy some of your admission results. **Schools will have more info on their website about how many applied but that wont be availble until next fall. Good luck -G
  6. Because that would put the blame on him/herself instead of others
  7. If you want people reviews about on campus housing, try youtube. Keep in mind that ther atmostphere might be very different ( I think freshman/sophmores arent allowed on campus). If you have a department, try to get in contact with the grad students there(they can answer questions like this, plus you are making friends for when you move to Palo Alto). I hope to see you around campus! take care
  8. They have a grad student housing website. I would start there. Also, you can always email them. Unless you are planning to move this summer, I would wait a bit with the Stanford housing situation because there might be drastic changes due to Covid/vaccines availability.
  9. All you can do is wait for their reply! Hopefully you get some good news!
  10. It was a journey! I am happy for the opportunity I got and potentially go to Stanford in the fall. Take care yall
  11. "Take it personally". Wherever you end up, show that that they made the wrong choice.
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