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  1. How did you expect that by looking at the interviewer list? But, congrats on your Baylor offer!
  2. I still not hear from UPenn GCB, Chicago GGSB, Duke CBB, Columbia CMBS... Are they ghosting me or I am on the wait list??
  3. I mailed to Chicago GGSB yesterday and they said they are still reviewing my application (?)
  4. Thanks for letting me know this, I can feel that based on their student profiles. I am still an undergrad (international) but with an extra gap year doing full-time research. I pretty like NYC and the schools there...
  5. I saw many rejections on the results page as well, their losses lol
  6. Don’t worry too much, many schools send out invites for international applicants in Jan.
  7. Anyone heard from Gerstner Sloan Kettering???
  8. I think so, domestic students got invites earlier. And this year many programs have no GRE requirement so there are more applicants i guess?
  9. Congrats! Would you mind sharing your info? like US or non-US, when did you apply, etc. I also applied for Duke CBB but haven't heard back from them...
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