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  1. Hi, don't given up yet! I also haven't heard back yet from USC and Brown. I saw some people got invite but given my info from my friend in USC CBB program, they are likely got informal interview from PIs. Her PI told her the first round of interview will be online, and I don't know does this mean there is another round(or there isn't), and haven't got info on if they've sent out all invites. I've done my undergrad and master at USC, working with a PI in CBB(but not in committee and he's on the leave) for a year and half, but I haven't heard back from the program also. I'm the one who's deeply
  2. Last year they have separate batches of interviews for domestic students and for international students. I saw international students get interview invites at the end of January last year, though they don't take many international students. So I guess if you are an international student like me, you can still keep hope.
  3. Thanks for those who said they got rejection from Tri-i-makes me not alone. Congrats to those who got the interview and hope we can get more invite later on!
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