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  1. Congratulations, that's so exciting! Fingers crossed!
  2. Yep! Results should start coming in soon I think -- good luck
  3. Mine was an email from one of the profs with whom I interviewed. Hope you hear good news soon!
  4. Wooh! Congrats to you both -- I got my "unofficial" acceptance yesterday too!
  5. Nice find -- although as others have noted, the admissions numbers for BMI and Biophysics are combined (if you select Biophysics from the dropdown, the admissions numbers don't change). It looks like both programs are roughly the same size; if it's a 50-50 split, then that's ~35 offers per program, with ~10 people enrolling in each. If the numbers are similar this year, one might guess that ~60% of BMI interviewees will get an offer. That seems reasonable based on what I've (vaguely) heard about other schools.
  6. Same here! CSB was my top choice and I was also rejected. Still, there's so much else to look forward to -- good luck, and congratulations to anyone who made it.
  7. I agree in part. My GPA is good -- not stellar -- and I don't have any papers in publication. It's a good idea to apply to a range of programs as you see fit, but don't stop yourself from dreaming big (as long as you have a backup plan)! There are almost no perfect students, even in top programs.
  8. Any chance you went to UCSD? I know we have a BS/MS program that works exactly like that!
  9. Hi everyone, chiming in: Caltech Systems Biology [interview 12/10 and 12/20] Harvard SSQBio [interview 12/18] UCSF Bioinformatics [interview 12/21] MIT CSB Berkeley-UCSF BioE UW MolE Stanford BioE Congrats, and best of luck!
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