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  1. I was wondering the same thing. I think it might be typical based on: https://graduate.ucsf.edu/program-stats-bmi. But their admission data is a combination of BMI and Biophysics, so that's worth noting.
  2. Same here, I also have a conflict but have not heard back. I followed up yesterday and the person was still out of the office. I haven't heard back from Berkeley yet either.
  3. Yes, I agree with you! I haven't seen anything after that so I am not sure about it either.
  4. I agree with what everyone else said as well. Personally, I did a masters that was a part of a contiguous program with my undergrad degree at the same university. It was shorter at only 1 year (some of the work was done during my undergrad) and I was able to TA for all three quarters which paid my entire master's tuition. I highly recommend finding out if your university has a similar program if you are interested in a master's degree.
  5. I heard back from UCSD on the 24th, I got a call from a faculty, but the details are still to come. Since it seems like faculty are calling maybe they are not done yet? I might be special case though because I went to UCSD in the past.
  6. I do have a master's degree. I am not sure if all the interview emails are out at this point for Princeton. Also for Stanford BMI, they said that they would start to contact people during the week of January 11th in an email they sent earlier.
  7. Just heard from UCSF as well! Congratulations everyone, can't wait to meet you all there! Yale - CBB (interview request on 12/17) Princeton - QCB (interview request on 12/12) UCSF - BMI (interview request on 12/21) UCLA - Medical Informatics USC - QCB UCSD - Bioinformatics UC Berkeley - CB UPenn - GCB Harvard - BIG Stanford - BMI MIT - CSB Brown - CB
  8. Yes, so they have a new medical informatics subset: https://biomedicalinformatics.ucla.edu/, and I am interested in bioinformatics in medicine so I decided to apply medical informatics at UCLA. It was a part of the biosciences application.
  9. Hi! I'm applying to: UCSF - BMI UCLA - Medical Informatics USC - QCB UCSD - Bioinformatics UC Berkeley - CB UPenn - GCB Harvard - BIG Stanford - BMI MIT - CSB Yale - CBB Brown - CB Princeton - QCB Good luck to everyone!!
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