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  1. offered but with pretty shit reviews: E/E G/G E/VG how does this decision process even work? I heard somewhere that there are favored areas each year and that this year's was AI. How much does that matter? sorry, just curious about these really huge spreads of review scores
  2. I applied to Cambridge in October and received an acceptance so I decided to only apply to reach schools afterwards. @Sky_china don't feel bad about your selection of schools. It looks like a wonderful distribution, and I think the most important thing is just to apply. After that it's all up in the air for everyone, not only program acceptance but also research itself. There are going to be leading labs in every institution
  3. Thanks for starting this thread @tzenst! I applied to: MIT CSB MIT BE Harvard BIG Harvard SSQB WashU Biology Columbia Systems Biology Yale CBB Cambridge Physics Thinking about MIT EECS but finding it very hard to get motivated in what I suspect is an even more competitive applicant pool. Fingers crossed, we get to meet during the virtual interviews cycle!
  4. @Alpha_orionis, interested in AI-based atomic simulation! Really it's more computer science and chemistry than Physics, but go figure my potential advisor has a position in the physics department 🤷‍♀️. Good luck with your research proposal! You got this!
  5. Hello! Thanks for starting this thread :) I'm an American and applied for a PhD in Physics. I've been looking at the Gates Cambridge website probably a little too often and noticed that they offer their final results in early February then expect students to accept or decline within 48 hours. I'm also in the process of applying to some other programs & fellowships in the US, but they won't tell me their outcome until March at the earliest. Now I'm worried if I do get accepted I'll have to choose whether or not to leap into Gates without knowing my other options. This is definitel
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