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  1. Congratulation! Is it a mass email or a personal one? Wondering if I've been rejected already lol...
  2. Congrats!! BTW did you apply through Pittsburgh? It seems that cmu usually would not send out interviews...
  3. Thank you for sharing this information and good luck with the interview! I also received a call in late December from POI but I didn't get the email on Jan 9th. I applied for the BMI track. Don't know whether that makes a difference...
  4. ahh thanks! I'm still waiting for UCSD... probably it's because I applied in the BMI track? I will wait until next week and see... I was also told there would be two interview slots, one on Jan, 29 and the other on Feb, 5 in the call from POI. Hopefully the school didn't rule me out...
  5. Same here. I received a call in late December. I haven't got the formal notice yet. Someone posted UCSD interview sent via email yesterday and I was wondering if it was an offical notice or not? For UW BIME program, I was told they held 20-30 min interview in the past. I guess they just shrank it down to 15 mins... I also noticed that in the sign-up page, most students invited for interview are international students (I am too). I was just wondering if there would be a seperate sign-up page for domesitc students?
  6. I was wondering has anyone heard back from UCLA medical informatics? I also applied last year and was rejected post-interview. Last time I received interview via email on Jan, 1st from a professor that I mentioned in the application. Have no idea whether they've sent out interviews this year...
  7. For the update: I received a call for the interview from the professor mentioned in my personal statement. The official notification would come in January. Also fyi: I am an international student applying for the BMI track.
  8. They said around mid-Feb. I think they usually will send out all results at the same time.
  9. Hi, do you know whether they will send out emails together or in different groups? I haven't heard from them yet.
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