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  1. Interesting, me too. I wonder if they're waiting until the first round of offers say yes/no to send out more to fill all their slots.. My application portal isn't updated with a rejection or acceptance yet, so I guess I've just gotta wait 🤷‍♀️
  2. I didn't really ask anyone which track they applied to, so I don't know if there were BMI students. But I'm sure its a good sign that your POI is contacting you specifically about the interview dates.
  3. Yes, I interviewed with UCSD last Friday. I didn't receive the final interview schedule (who I'd be meeting with and when) until 7pm on Thursday night, but they sent out a rough schedule on Tuesday. It pretty much ran from 9am - 5pm so I'd expect to take the whole day off work. From 9- 11am there were research presentations / info sessions , then from 11-3 you had three, thirty minute one-on-one interviews with faculty. From 3-4 was a closing keynote speaker, and then the space was open to mingle with students and faculty afterward. They used gather.town, but faculty interviews were on individ
  4. Has anyone who received an interview invite for UCSD BISB & accepted it heard back about scheduling? I had a conflict on the requested date so I asked to schedule a different day, but it's been 10 days and I haven't heard back from them.. Also, has anyone heard from UC Berkeley Comp Bio (CCB) yet?
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