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  1. Don't feel terrible! I believe you did well, and they saw you as a strong fit both times in order to invite you for an interview! I only had two interviews too Do you happen to know how long before we hear back with a final decision?
  2. Thank you so much for all this information! I'll definitely be requesting some time off then
  3. Hi all! Did anyone interview with UCSD today? If so, how long before the interview did you get the zoom link/interview details? Mine's next Friday but still haven't heard back regarding these details. I'm also curious about how long the interview is (for instance, if it's a day long, I'll need to take time off work) if anyone happens to know!
  4. That's interesting that they hold such short interviews without a second round! I'm actually a domestic applicant so I don't think the interviews are separated between the two pools. And I also received an email from UCSD yesterday regarding a February interview -- I hope you did too or will shortly if if it different for international applicants!
  5. Received an email for a ~15 min interview at UW Medical Informatics earlier this week. Is this interview time rather short? Does anyone have experiences when the interview slots are similar to this time?
  6. For those who've applied to UCSD and received an interview invitation via phone, have you received any information through an email? I got the call on 12/24 but still have not received an email
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