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  1. I reeeeally loved Berkeley but would be nervous to choose the west coast since Iโ€™ve only been there once. The others Iโ€™m really strongly considering are UPenn (they have a young but large and supportive evo/pop gen community) and Harvard. UChicago is also really great for it but I didnโ€™t get as good of a vibe from them at the interview (which is completely personal opinion and possibly just who I happened to speak with). How about you?
  2. I am also pop gen / evo (and also was admitted to Berkeley!!๐ŸŽ‰). I get the sense (and have heard from several trusted advisors) that Berkeley is one of the best places for that. It seemed like so many students and faculty there were in that area.
  3. I just got an email from UCSF to check portal for a change in applicant status about an hour ago!
  4. Mine was an interviewer, as well, but it sounds like these are coming on different days/times. Fingers crossed for you!!
  5. Got a call from my POI at UCSF BMI that I was accepted and official notification should be coming soon!!๐ŸŽ‰
  6. So sorry I am just seeing this haha! Although I was so fortunate to receive these invitations, I have decided to hone in on a smaller list so that I can also focus on schoolwork this semester: UPenn GCB, Harvard BBS, UCSF BMI, Princeton QCB, Berkeley CCB, and UChicago GGSB. I'm trying my best to keep an open mind and not pick favorites until after I've gone to the events, but I would be incredibly excited about the opportunity to attend any one of them!๐Ÿ˜Š Thanks for asking!
  7. I was also accepted to Penn GCB, and mine was an email from a POI (seems like someone from the results page had the same experience). He said official letters would be going out next week!
  8. I just got a call from a POI at Berkeley letting me know I got an interview - he said email invitations should be coming out soon!
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