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  1. I was wondering if you could tell us which one is your dream school? It seems like you have lots of options, and I was curious which one you'd like to choose.
  2. I have seen some UCB Comp Bio posts on the results section, tho. But not sure if they're done sending out invites.
  3. Hi guys, After the interviews, do the schools give you admissions solely based on your interview performance/scores or do they still consider your gpa/research experience and stuff even after the interviews?
  4. got it.. so not just this year. oh well, it also seems like columbia dbmi has sent out invites already..
  5. Oh no.. cheer up dude! you'll get more invites from other schools. it's surprising they're only interviewing around 4 international students this year.. why are they reviewing international students so late? is it because they want to interview domestic students first and then internationals?
  6. Does anyone know/heard about any other programs that will be sending out invites before the holidays?
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