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  1. Hi all- I'll be applying to masters programs for next fall (with the intention of eventually pursuing a PhD as well) in English lit and digital humanities. Wishing everyone best of luck!
  2. I am not an admissions officer, so I can't say for sure, but I am currently looking at program requirements myself and can share what I've seen. A lot of places will report on the average GPA of admitted students, so I would look at the website for schools you're interested in specifically and, if it's not available there, maybe send them an email. I have come across a few that require a certain overall GPA just to apply, but it is like a B-average (3.0), so you should be good in that sense. It also may be worth reaching out to the admissions office and explaining to them your situ
  3. This is really helpful- thanks so much! Particularly what you've said about digging deeper into the works cited/references on what I'm reading, that feels like the best place to start.
  4. Yeah, thankfully I was able to narrow my interests down a bit during my senior year. Appreciate the input!
  5. Hi everyone, First of all, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all the active users on this forum. I discovered GradCafe a few months ago and it has been an immensely helpful resource as I figure out the next steps in my academic career. I finished my BA in English Literature last May and am now starting the process of applying to grad programs for fall 2022. It has, quite frankly, been really overwhelming for me. I’ve been in touch with a few professors/faculty members from my alma mater, but I got a lot of conflicting information from them, so I really appreciate all the ins
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