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  1. That was my first one and I botched it as well! Agh! I'm in the same boat as you, though, and would just like to have the band-aid ripped off at this point via the rejection I know I'm going to get (and that's okay).
  2. Got an email from "Ohio State Graduate and Professional Admissions" this morning and my heart just about stopped. Opened it up to find a general message about applying for the benefit of living in Columbus. Blegh.
  3. I feel ya! UIUC is my #1 as well! They generally start sending out decisions in early Feb, right?
  4. Hey, did anyone else who applied to Illinois at Urbana-Champaign get an email from the financial aid office about sending your FAFSA to the school for Fall 2022? I know it's still super early and it might not mean anything but I'm looking for any small bit of hope!
  5. Ugh, I feel this -- mainly because I hadn't had enough time to proofread my sample once more before turning it in yesterday at 12 pm. I can't help but think of that school as already a rejection -- like I basically paid $75 to send something in, then proofread it afterwards for the benefit of my other applications. Question (for anyone): if you're applying for an English MA/PhD program (implying you just have a BA), they don't expect your writing to be absolutely perfect (e.g., one or two typos or awkwardly worded sentences out of 20 pages of work won't kill your entire app), right?
  6. Submitted my first two applications today -- whew! I felt so nervous and excited at the same time that I was literally shaking for about 10 mins after. I'll probably be obsessively lurking on this forum over the next few months!
  7. Hello, all! I'm from Michigan but living in Georgia while finishing up my BA. I'll be applying next year but I discovered this forum and I've been reading through past threads like crazy the last few days. Does anyone have anymore poetry recommendations?
  8. Hi there! I watched a video recently uploaded by the professors who choose for Iowa and both said they'd recommend "hitting" them upfront with strong work (according to them, they meant work that has 'energy' -- take that as you will). They said that doing so would intrigue them enough to continue, and that you shouldn't put one of your best poems last. It's probably different for other readers/universities, though!
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